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There is also a currency converter that can be kept up-to-date and a world imagery map. With Worldmate you get regular travel updates with information on flight delays and cancellations, airport gate information and alternate flights in case of cancellations. With WorldMate you can track of the flight status for over international airlines on your Nokia E WorldMate comes on your Nokia E63 with limited features. Find out more about WorldMate, check out our article on the best free Nokia E63 apps.

You can set up a personalized greeting for all your contacts on your Nokia E63 address book per group, or per individual. You can also set rules based on area code or country code, and customize your messages based on these. With Best Answering Machine you can save on voice mail costs depending on your cell carrier. Best Answering Machine comes with a simple and clean user interface and works unobtrusively, which means you can keep it running in the background, as you let this Nokia E63 answering machine take all your calls.

The default software for managing your Nokia phone

You can use this application to upload videos to YouTube straight from your Nokia E YouTube Mobile Application has a user friendly navigation model based on tabs and a quick access menu. You can also search for your desired videos. You can download YouTube Mobile Application by going to m.

PowerMP3 is a powerful Music player which supports playing most common audio formats on your Nokia E PowerMP3 comes with a visually appealing full screen user interface. While playing music, PowerMP3 displays a spectrum analysis of the songs, as well as the bitrate and sample rate. PowerMP3 is able to remember which song you played last and what part of the song you were in.

PowerMP3 on your Nokia E63 can download album information and art for each song it plays. The playback is ok, its defiantly not Dolby 5. However when bored out of your brains, its a sure welcome function and sure beats listening to nothing or the radio! The e63 is a brick in regards to todays smart phones, with regards to processor speed and overall physical dynamics, however its far more trustworthy than more modern day smart phones which cant be dropped or crushed in your pocket due to their screens.

The Nokia e63 is the baseline for the entry level smart phones at a business level. A word of warning that OVI software and apps are a real pain to use and most of the time they dont download and install correctly, so keep that in mind. Solid function, engineered well, lasts 4 years to date, does what it says on the box! Speaker for speaker-phone or music is slightly lacking.

Functions for music and music licences are hard to transfer! I got this as a birthday present so i cant really complain about the price, but i wouldnt buy it for anyone. I had this phone all of three days when i fell over and it fell out of my bag and now has a big crack which covers most of the screen which makes it extremelly hard and annoying to read texts, check facebook etc. I have had it for 4 months and it has been one of the most horrible phones i have ever had.

Great phone, one of the best phones I've had so far as it works well and came with most of the features I was expecting with a new phone. Highly recommended for those wanting a qwerty keypad and an upgrade from a standard everyday mobile phone.

The Best Nokia E63 Apps

I've been having problems with battery power for this one but that's only because I have a dodgy, but it's all fixed now. Staff were very helpful. This phone suits a large variety of people, I have made it useful for both with the "swith mode" function: Personal or business. Qwerty keyboard, large screen, good memory capacity for message, songs etc. Doesn't come with a USB cable, battery doesn't last very long.

The best thing about this phone is the reception. I live in an area where it's very difficult to get 2 bars and with this phone I get almost full reception and can actually have conversations with people. I've used the same sim card in several different mobiles, and the reception on the E63 is miles above. After realising what great reception this phone gets, my brother bought the same one and I think my parents are soon to follow. A great phone that's easy to use, reliable and sturdy. Ridiculously good reception.

Skype for Symbian lands on Ovi Store = more than 200 million possible users

Very easy to use. Quality sound and ringtones. Not particularly stylish. Often quite slow, waiting for screens and the internet to load etc. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a basic phone to use and might later use more of the features that are available in today's smart phones. Needed a new phone and thought i'd give this a try.

The Best Nokia E63 Apps

I'm really happy with it! Was a bit unsure about the whole key pad ,but wouldn't go back now.

How to Install whatsapp on Nokia E63 - WhatsApp installation on Symbian Fix

Pretty easy to figure out but most nokia's are. Was a bit disappointed it never came with a usb cable or car recharger.

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Sometimes you need to go through a few links to find the one you want but overall a great phone the keyboard and large screen no usb cable: This phone is perfect for my needs, which is basically text messaging and calling. If you want a phone for other things like internet browsing or photos, get an iPhone. The qwerty keyboard is easy to use and I like that you can turn the camera flash into a torch at the press of a button.

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This has been my best phone so far, but saying that I will definitely upgrade to something with better internet browsing and camera I love the qwerty keyboard. I used to hate writing text messages but now I don't mind it one bit. You can use the phone for emailing and internet browsing too. You can create Microsoft Word and Excel files and take photos. It has a large screen which is good for viewing messages or web pages No protective case, screen can get easily scratched.

A couple of the buttons have chipped after having it in my handbag unprotected. Internet navigation could be easier. Speakerphone is not very loud. The photos from the camera are a bit fuzzy - only good to use as references or phone backgrounds. My Nokia x, ah! It is a pity oooo…. M using nokia asha ,any1 hu can help?? But you people have to leave this because of people that dont have much to buy another phone and they are interested in using whatsapp Loading Mine already stopped working Loading Nokia X2 untill 30 june..

Come on!! Hi mine Nokia aisha stopped since Dec why pliz u have help pliz do so to help us am in need ov my phone and whatsapp Loading D Loading Mmm bafets ngumgwebo lo thiwa silahle amafoni ethu mmm Loading Oo my nokia x2 rest in pc Loading Hha jesu saz savelelwa, these touch screen phones angamafekefeke. My whats app is stop not working Have you any solution please speak with me Loading It has failed Loading

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