Ios 6 can i still use google maps

Roads and even complete villages were located in the sea. Do you know how big our planet is? You expect them to check every single square meter or foot or whatever you use in your country of the whole planet?

iOS 6 Removes Google Maps - Business Insider

So, how do you think they will be able to completely check the United States or the whole planet? So, of course there are errors and should we complain about them? Even today you can find a lot of errors in Google Maps, especially in regions with fjords and roads and cities close to the sea. We can complain because we live in , not in If Apple released their Apple Maps in , then it would be ok to have so many errors.

And would you use it, even with Facebook existing and being so much better? Aha, oh and did I mention both my appartement and workplace is submerged? Also live in Japan and in Tokyo the previous map app was the most useful thing on the phone. Good solid routing between A and B using public transport is a basic necessity in Tokyo. The Google app even knew about all the time tables and cost of each leg. It had detailed indoor mapping of big stations and malls in several layers!

Tokyo is a 3D maze and the Google maps app was crucial to navigate it.

How can I get Google Maps on iOS 6?

The fail with Apples app was apparent a few minutes after upgrading. To be honest, most of the positive praise for the apple maps seem to come from US residents. Trying to use the apple maps in other regions is definitely going to get you lost or in a hard dead end. Since launch, there has been a miraculous appearance of a hospital close to my neighborhood and this has yet to be corrected. Furthermore roads are all mixed up and turns are incorrect. Quite non functional at the moment if you ask me.

Apple maps in manhattan is ridiculous.

Bringing Back Google Maps on iOS 6

Yesterday I was standing on 34th street in manhatten and put in 31 e. Au contraire, mon ami, the rest of the world can be handled easily. Manhattan with its close-knit one-way and time-of-day streets, tall buildings, and extremely picky users is the tough bite ;.

Apple iOS 6 Maps vs Google Navigation

I use the Garmin USA app. Of course none of these can replace Maps as the default app used by all other apps to locate stores, etc. THAT is a problem that gets zero attention but has a real impact. Apple, not yet being under regulatory constraints on behavior, locks customers into using Apple-specific apps, rather than allowing customers to choose default apps. Always complaining about MSFT and not without reason , but never having to play by the same rules. Not that this post will change that, but some day enough people will finally get upset about this to force a change.

When I used Google Maps, I would first enter my appointment on my laptop using my outlook calendar app, then that would be uploaded to my google account which would then send that info to all my devices, one of which was my iPad 3, using my iPad I would sit and watch the tv while using the link from a tap on the address of my appointment in Calendar which would open google maps, then I could plan my route from home and ap the pin to get the street view so that I could familiarise myself with the address. I cannot do any of this any more, the powers that decided what I needed as a customer were not important and therefore, they took my tools away from me!

This whole thing, what with seeing Samsung and then getting rid of Google has really pissed me off, it will be with great disappointment but I will be seriously considering getting rid of the iPad in favour of the Nexus 7 tablet. There is a better way to run web apps on iOS. Apple implemented a way to run web apps in fullscreen i.

Why Google Maps Disappeared From iOS 6

There is a way to force it though, save to your bookmarks on your computer in safari ios doesnt allow to bookmark javascript code and when the bookmark appears on your ios device simply run run the bookmark and then save the site on your home screen, I can confirm this works on the Google AND Nokia web maps. I already reported the incorrect data I noticed so far, but knowing my past experience with Apple, they might just remove maps for my country completely, like they did localized keyboard.

I can see the problems with international characters showing wrong incorrect encoding conversion. I will forever miss Tele Atlas that Google Maps use. September 21, at 9: Google Maps is my favorite app on iPhone and i am really worried about not getting it still. Apple should really consider bringing it back on track. Name required.

iOS 6 Maps was not Apple's first location project

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Enter your email address below: Posted by: Marcus says: September 24, at Josha says: EB says: September 24, at 4: Mark Evans says: September 25, at 8: Albert Ross says: October 17, at 4: Jessica says: November 5, at But high-profile lawsuits aside , this is Apple's biggest move against Google that'll directly affect users. And it starts today. By many accounts , Apple's new Maps app, which relies on data from a variety of sources like TomTom, Waze , and Yelp , isn't as good as the current app that uses Google's data.

I've spent some time with the beta version of the new Maps app and I also found this to be the case. Specifically, the new Maps app is missing built-in public transit directions, which is a huge problem if you live in a city. Apple will let third-party transportation apps integrate with the new Maps, but that means you have to hope a third party developer cares enough to include your city. Plus, it's really annoying to download another app just to get transit directions.

Bottom line: With iOS 6, Apple is making one of its most popular and most useful apps worse than it was before. In the meantime, we have to hope Google decides to bring Google Maps back to the iPhone on its own with a separate app you can download in the App Store.