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Easy Voice Recorder does what the name suggests. It provides an easy method to record things with your phone. You open the app, hit the mic button, record, share as needed, and then close the app. It also has a few additional features, like the ability to change what kind of file type you record to. It also has widget support.

The pro version also includes support for stereo recording, Bluetooth microphone support, and more. The pro version also removes the advertising from the free version. Hi-Q is one of the more powerful voice recorder apps out there. It records in MP3. That makes the sound files compatible with virtually everything. Along with that, you can have it upload automatically to Dropbox once recording finishes. It also comes with widget support, the ability to choose which mic on your device you want to use assuming you have more than one , support for Wi-Fi transfer, gain control, and more.

The paid version adds a few more features as well. LectureNotes Price: LectureNotes is one of the best apps for college students. It does a lot of stuff. You can take notes, organize those notes, and use them later for your homework. The app doesn't record audio natively. Additionally, it lets you record stuff while you use the regular LectureNotes app. That makes it an excellent one-two combo for, well, lectures. You can also get a plugin for recording videos as well. It's a bit of a heavy package.

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Thus, we don't recommend this for people looking for a simple, lightweight recorder. However, if you're college, this is about as good as it gets. Take a break with some more excellent app lists! Music Maker Jam Price: Free with in-app purchases. Music Maker Jam is an audio recording app for musicians. It's a great app for recording some lyrics, music, or whatever else you feel like doing.

The app records multiple tracks, includes an editor for fine tuning your production, and additional tools for remixing and otherwise mastering your work. There are in-app purchases. They let you buy things like loops and other such content. It also has direct integration with SoundCloud, Facebook, and most other social networks. This is a little much if you just need to record a meeting or a lecture at school.

However, musicians should definitely try this one first. Otter Voice Notes Price: Otter is a voice recorder for professionals. Its feature set is mostly for business meetings and other more serious matters. It does the basics like recording, sharing, and playback. It also includes a transcription service, cloud storage, cross-platform support, and it even supports stuff like photos. The free version includes minutes of transcription per month. The premium subscription offers over 6, It's very powerful, but only if you really need stuff like cloud storage, transcriptions, and more powerful stuff like that.

Snipback Price: Snipback is a different kind of voice recorder app. Like most voice recorder apps, it performs the basics. It also has some other features like audio quality selections, recording duration selections, and a noise reduction filter.

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What makes it unique is the ability to recapture up to 30 seconds of audio from before you started recording. It could drain a bit of extra batter, but it's still pretty neat. Voice Recorder Price: Voice Recorder is a fairly standard and uninteresting voice recorder app.

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That may be its best feature. You can do the basics like record, trim your audio, export to MP3, save your recordings, playback old recordings, and share. Click the microphone, hit the start button, and you're recording. Each recording is placed in its own file.

What I think is so efficient is that I can make several separate recordings one after the other. They remain separate until I back out of the app, at which point they all become one file. I like that because, for example, I have one long recording, during which, I had to stop several times.

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  • Each time I stopped recording, a separate file was generated. I wasn't thrilled about that, until I discovered that they all became one file after I closed the app. If I want them to remain separated, all I need to do is rename them before I leave the app, which was perfect for the next set of recordings that needed to remain separate from each other. Playback is as simple as tapping on the file I want to listen to they are all presented in a list. I guess the only drawback I can see is that editing only allows deleting of files.

    If someone wanted to edit the actual file by removing or recording over sections, this app won't do that. Overall, though, a handy little tool. This app has never failed me. Recordings are crisp and clear. Ability to save it on the cloud and other platforms. Extremely pleased with the quality. I run the app on an IOS.

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    Soon I will utilize the transcription feature. Later I will update my review. Delighted I found this recorder. BTW, I had my cell phone approx feet away from where I was speaking. I can minimize the window and use other features of my phone while recording and it will not stop the recording. The mic on this app is superb.

    High quality clarity as if was only a foot away. The app is better than my store stock recorder program that arrived with the cell phone initially. I deleted that app.

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    Hands down terrific. I use it practically every day. Oct 14, Update: I recorded a meeting and saved time for notes. Other than a few words here and there due to presenters voice quality, so far so good.

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    What is terrific is that the app works well with all IOS updates. Keep it up! A recent arm injury has forced me to try it again. I researched other options besides Dragon because of the price and the learning curve.

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    It really does! All the commands for quotes, punctuation, and new line breaks all work with this and best of all it understands my horrible speaking skills. This is way better than Dragon Dictation and far cheaper!