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Whenever the company wants to launch a cool new feature, or update their included apps, it should launch on Windows 10 first. Apps on Windows 10 should be at least equal in terms of quality, if not better than their Android and iOS equivalents. Here are few straightforward things that Microsoft could do to tweak and make Windows 10 Mobile great. This is confirmed to be happening with Windows 10 Mobile. Allow third-party keyboards. Simplify and consolidate the settings screen.

The App Problem http: The improvement in apps never came. Microsoft is ridding itself of Facebook integration in key Windows services http: Windows Phone was one of the first mobile operating systems to feature a deeper Facebook integration tool, allowing for Facebook contacts and the news feed.

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In a statement went to The Verge http: We are proactively working with customers to communicate the changes. While we learned a few weeks ago that the desktop variant would be released on July 29 http: This is based on the fact that the slide notes it will "be available late next quarter", referencing Q3. There's some things to bear in mind here, such as the fact that a late Q3 launch doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to download it in Q3.

That timeline could reference the period when it will be released to carriers, who will work on fleshing it out for their Windows Phone devices. Microsoft has mentioned in the past that its Windows 10 Mobile release will be the most straight-forward one yet, in that it can handle the updating, rather than the carriers, so we can hope that the OS will drop around the same time period. That's a great thing given OEMs will still be able to bundle in the OS, although it seems likely that most people are going to inevitably upgrade to Windows 10 anyway, as it's completely free, and will offer the latest technologies.

And, not to mention, it'll be the best-supported version of Windows and is looking to be the best version. You can also download the iOS https: With the new apps, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners as well as users of Windows-based phones and tablets can get accurate information about the hardware that powers their devices. The GUI of the freely available apps uses the design language of the platform to ensure that users feel at home when navigating the graphical user interface.

Just like in the past two decades, we will continue to do our best to follow hardware technology innovations and to provide the most accurate hardware and software information to our users. The development of the first predecessor of the utility, which has since become a quasi standard in system information and diagnostics, started in June The iOS app, which requires iOS 7. The Windows Phone version, which can be installed on Windows Phone 8.

Currently, both apps have an English user interface. Microsoft releases newly polished Windows 10 Mobile preview build http: Cortana has also been improved in Windows 10 Mobile build , with Microsoft stating that this version is "very close" to the final design. Flight and parcel tracking has been enabled in this version, and you can now get inline answers to questions surrounding the weather, stocks and currencies.

This new build of Windows 10 Mobile brings a one-handed use mode as well, which can be activated through long pressing the Start button. In this mode, which is only available on devices with five inch displays or larger, the screen will "slide down so you can reach items at the top". For those that do want to try out Windows 10 Mobile build , Microsoft notes that you will have to roll back to Windows Phone 8. This can be done through the Windows Phone Recovery Tool. After the upgrade is complete, Microsoft also warns people that a blank lock screen will appear without the date or time due to a missing post-upgrade migration screen.

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This behavior is perfectly normal, and the company advises that you let your device sit and wait until the lock screen returns to normal before using it, otherwise your phone could end up in a "funky state". Finally bringing the much-needed and basic features like iOS 9 multitasking http: Redmond, however, must have been pleased for this as it had to reveal a feature in the upcoming Windows that seems to have borrowed a lot from Apple http: Apple introduced one-handed usage calling it Reachability with its 5.

This feature was included in the phablet to offer convenience of one-handed use by bringing up the top half of the interface down in the bottom within the reach of your thumb. Microsoft is also aiming to bring a similar one-handed usage mechanism with Windows 10 http: This feature will be offered on phones that have 5-inch or above display real estate. Similar to Reachability, Windows 10 Mobile one-handed feature also slides down the interface to fit in a smaller area on the screen for the ease of your thumb. You will be able to enter in this mode by pressing and holding the Home key.

One-handed use: Press and hold the Start button and your screen will slide down so you can reach items at the top of your screen. To slide the screen back up, tap the black space at the top of the screen, or press and hold the Start button again. One-handed use will also naturally time out after several seconds and return to your regular view. Windows 10 is set to release on July 29th http: The update will be introduced with new Lumia phone line-up. Upcoming Lumia Phones Feature Codenamed Guilin, Honjo, Saana and Saimaa Several leaks concerning the hardware specifications of Lumia handsets were revealed, including one that was rumored to feature a Snapdragon http: Additionally, the codenames mentioned were Lumia Cityman and Talkman models http: Now, it is expected that four handsets might be released in the future because listed below are four newly leaked codenames: Guilin Honjo Saana Saimaa http: Even though there are no images or specification details in order to justify the claims made by source, evleaks happens to be a very reputable source, at least when Lumia smartphones are concerned.

In addition to the four smartphone codenames mentioned, Lumia Cityman and Talkman also happen to be a part of the club and right now, they are the only devices which have their hardware details leaked. Lumia Cityman is going to be the larger screen variant out of the two smartphones and will feature a 5.

Currently, the only thing that pops up in our mind when a high-end Snapdragon chipset sporting an octa-core processor comes to mind is Snapdragon As for Microsoft Lumia Talkman; the smartphone will feature a 5. Since there is no information concerning the newly unearthed codenames, there is no point jumping to conclusions.

After Windows 10 gets released, which is going to be on July 29 http: This is because Microsoft Edge browser has been moved to the bottom of the screen. Additionally, Microsoft Edge also features an option for Mobile or Desktop viewing formats on webpages, which should make a very interesting and flexible experience. Other changes present in the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build include new shortcuts for the flashlight and toggling data, along with an extra row of shortcuts in the action center, and some minor aesthetics changes made to the start screen.

The source has also stated that this particular build functions far better compared to build in terms of responsiveness. However, thanks to the latest leak, it is possible that the time is not far when we will be looking at a very stable mobile platform courtesy of Microsoft.

While the following detail has yet to be confirmed, it is possible that Windows 10 for mobile will be coming for smartphones after September.

Looks like we are going to have to wait and see for this confirmation. Microsoft might have lost millions on smartphones http: Microsoft wanted to hold 15 per cent of the smartphone market by , the company hoped that Lumia smartphone sales would increase in the years leading to that date. However Redmond has found that the sales are not increasing and according to a SEC filing it has said that "In this highly competitive and volatile market, it is possible that we may not realize our forecast.

Microsoft's Q filing with the SEC said that during the third quarter of fiscal year , Phone Hardware did not meet its sales volume and revenue goals, and the mix of units sold had lower margins than planned. Declines in expected future cash flows, reduction in future unit volume growth rates, or an increase in the risk-adjusted discount rate used to estimate the fair value of the Phone Hardware reporting unit may result in a determination that an impairment adjustment is required, resulting in a potentially material charge to earnings.

Na gama acima passa-se um pouco a mesma coisa, Lumia , , , , XL, Que salganhada outra vez! Eu acho que todas as marcas deviam diminuir o numero de aparelhos que apresentam ao publico. A Microsoft outra. Quase todas as marcas inundaram o mercado com modelos e variantes. Um exageroo total. Para mim cada marca devia ter 5 equipamentos Na realidade existem imensos modelos mas porque existem diversos tamanhos de "carteiras" O problema do mercado ter muito modelo nao e' das marcas Alemanha Android - Com o Windows 10 a chegar e novos flagships, isso pode precipitar-se.

Vamos a ver como correm as coisas. Link - http: E o windows phone ate sao bastante interessantes, mas falham em muita coisa. Fonte http: Vamos a ver como corre. Mas e' bem! Vamos a ver como corre a aposta nessa novidade dupla O Windows 10 do pc. Criar um ecossistema em que tudo funciona muito bem entre si e comunica sem problemas, tudo muito integrado. Mesmo a calhar. Specs do Despachar stock Escoar stock Sinceramente odeio as operadoras e as suas ofertas manhosas. Por mim nem deviam vender equipamentos.

Onde e' que te disseram isso? Tu falas tanta coisa para o ar que a malta raramente apanha o teu raciocinio Nunca na vida levei com o telefone que me queria "vender" alias, ja fiz muitas compras de telefones em lojas de operadoras e venderam-me o que pedi, sem mais nem menos!

Eu falando por mim equipamentos bloqueados a redes nunca mais Isso vai depender do vendedor. But, as cool as the feature is, it could become a breeding ground for exploitation. Wi-Fi Sense is a feature of Windows Phone http: It works by tapping into an existing connection to a network that a friend nearby already has access to. By simply being contacts with each other, your phone could handshake with their phone and grant you the Wi-Fi password -- all obfuscated through encryption http: It's not hard to understand how this could be misused.

Because this is meant to be a hands-off technology, the user who in effect grants access to a network doesn't even know it. They don't need to give the A-OK -- it's simply invisible to them. The upside, from a security http: Instead, it'll only avail actual Internet traffic. The Register Still, the doors seem to be wide open for some potential exploitation. The fact that a user doesn't even need to grant access is a little odd. Just because a friend allows you to use their Internet when you're at their house doesn't mean that they want everyone who tags along with you to have the same access.

In a more unlikely scenario, you could be friends with someone you don't even really know, via Facebook http: If the connection is limited to only the Internet, and not the local network, it's clear that Microsoft has made some great decisions here. But just how hard would it be to breach the limitation and access the network anyway?

Just how encrypted and secure is the Wi-Fi password? Make no mistake, this is a cool piece of technology. But like many other cool pieces of technology, we must be aware of the potential drawbacks. Once this feature rolls out on a wide scale, we'll see just how severe those drawbacks are. In short, Microsoft could possibly have scraped the handset from the production equation completely and now, another handset is going to have to take the place of the 41 MP Lumia This is because Evleaks stated the following: Lumia Lumia Lumia In a way, there is a cloud of silver lining for those looking to acquire themselves a Windows Phone.

Starting off, Microsoft will have a clean slate to begin with when working on a new batch of smartphones, which only means that it can spend more time focusing on these new products. Seeing as how there is not much time for Windows 10 to be officially announced for desktops and tablets http: Currently, this is all the information we have for you at this time. The latest U.

That puts Microsoft in an extremely distant third place behind second place iOS As for top device makers, Apple was by far the leader with Microsoft has come under fire recently for flooding the market http: However, Microsoft is hoping to change that with the introduction of Lumia XL http: The flagship device is tipped to include a Snapdragon http: Both smartphones will of course come out of the box with Windows 10 Mobile. Mais uma derrota Os quadrados animados parecem muito interessantes, mas rapidamente perdem o appeal Cumprimentos, LPC.

The projects are meant to bring Android and iOS developers into the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem and thus ostensibly make Windows phones more relevant than they currently are. Microsoft's strategy here is either brilliant or bone-headed, depending on the execution. On the one hand, if one can port apps to Windows 10 Mobile as easily as the company makes it seem, it solves an enormous problem that Windows Phone has faced, which is a relative dearth of available apps. It's a compounding problem: There aren't enough native apps on Windows Phone, which negatively impacts its market share, which discourages developers from creating native Windows Phone apps, which negatively impacts market share, and further down the spiral it goes.

Giving devs an easy way to stick their apps on Windows 10 for mobile goes a long way towards encouraging users to buy into the ecosystem. On the other hand, if the porting process is problematic, or if the end user experience is anything but optimal, devs will have a problem on their hands and will likely bail. We're Tom's Hardware, not Tom's Software, so in order to gain better insight into how this porting business might actually work, we asked some experts from Nascent Digital http: The company also said that only minimal changes and tweaks will be required for iOS apps to work on Windows Another reason for why Fryer expects iOS ports to Windows should be more successful is because the iOS ecosystem still has the larger mindshare when it comes to developers and new mobile applications.

Many popular apps arrive on iOS first and then come to Android second. That means the developers have more experience with the iOS app and can port it faster to Windows than they can port the Android app. Those developers may still want to port their apps to Windows if it only takes a fraction of the time it would take to build an app from scratch for a different platform. Fryer said that although the iOS ports should generally have high performance, things may be a little different on the Android side. That tells me that there's an extra layer between the apps and the operating system that could create more latency.

Because they require more performance and therefore more CPU and GPU processing time , the Android ports could also demand slightly more battery life than the iOS ports. One advantage Android ports should have over iOS ports, though, is that the navigation should be handled by the Windows platform, without any changes from the developers.

The majority of Android devices have three hardware buttons just like Windows phones do. The primary navigation consists of tapping a UI element to move forward and tapping the back button to move backwards. You wouldn't have to do any specific change to the navigation because Android and Windows phone are similar," said Fryer. Most mobile developers still remain on the fence about building apps for Windows Phone, and it's not yet clear how Windows 10 Mobile will change that.

For instance, Windows 10 might become very popular on the desktop, but not necessarily on phones. If that's the case then it may not be worth it for most iOS and Android developers to start building Windows 10 apps from scratch that are mainly targeted at the smartphone platform.

However, Fryer believes that developers could still port tablet applications to Windows 10 for desktop, and then go from there. If you're taking advantage of the responsive UI idea, then your app could run on the phone as well. By comparison, porting an app from iOS or Android could take only a couple of weeks testing included. This short development time could be worth it for developers who otherwise wouldn't consider building their apps for any platform other than Android and iOS.

Shawn Konopinsky, Nascent Digital's CEO, added that "it obviously takes a lot of effort to make a new application, and I think there's a lot of hope that Windows 10 will have much greater impact on the market when it comes out. For those who might be a little bit shy when it comes to making a significant investment, it does provide an opportunity for the application to exist on the platform using existing code base with some minimal set up integration.

This could become a problem for Windows Phone users," said Fryer. Microsoft is not the first company to push porting from another platform on a large scale. Although this method has provided Blackberry with the bulk of its applications, it hasn't exactly translated into success for the company. Therefore, it's not clear to what extent, if at all, the porting of Android and iOS apps will help the Windows 10 for Mobile platform. Microsoft hasn't released the SDK for the Projects Astoria and Islandwood yet, but it promised to deliver it sometime shortly after Windows 10 http: Once the operating system for desktop is released on July 29, it is likely that we will see more details and builds of Mobile version coming around too.

Reports have already claimed that the core members working on Windows 10 desktop will shift their attention to Mobile to help it be ready for the fall release. Windows 10 Mobile http: Not only does it look more polished but is also said to be free from most of the bugs found in earlier builds. The latest leaked Windows 10 Mobile screenshots come from XDA where a member has posted the details of this upcoming Mobile build.

It is further shared on the post that another build x will be a more probable release version of the Mobile OS bringing improvements to the users. While there are no details about when we should expect this upcoming build coming to the Insiders, there certainly are many juicy details of the build that you would love. These details are followed with the leaked Windows 10 Mobile screenshots which are taken from a Lumia smartphone. This build carries a few changes as compared to current publicly available build We can see some UI improvements but the original poster has also shared some other details.

Here are the details of Windows 10 Mobile as originally posted http: We are expecting to see Windows 10 RTM build http: Another desktop build http: Windows 10 was released by Microsoft last week but Mobile is yet to receive this update. Remember, another Windows 10 Mobile leak earlier in the day shared the specifics of build http: From the looks of it, we guess it is this Windows 10 Mobile that earlier leak was talking about.

If you have been craving to get some new looks for your Windows phone, here is how to download Windows 10 Phone wallpaper for your own device. Before that, here are some details of this latest Windows Phone build: Minor changes: Store tile can now show featured apps. One gorgeous new wallpaper. Battery icon is now much larger. Shows a dot when you touch the screen. Windows 10 Mobile wallpapers now available: All the Windows 10 Mobile wallpapers are now available thanks to the folks at MSMobile who have compiled the package.

This entire package includes 9 Windows 10 Mobile http: These Windows 10 Mobile wallpapers are available in HD at x promising to give some crispy new looks to your Windows devices. You can download these beautiful wallpapers from the link shared below. Download Windows 10 Mobile Wallpapers http: Remember, this build might be released to insiders; we will keep you folks posted. This build was already released for PC folks http: As we near to the Windows 10 final launch on July 29, we can see Redmond increasingly focusing on the Windows Mobile to help it catch up with all the progress.

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However, reports later in the week suggested that the company is still not ready for the RTM release. While we expect to see the RTM milestone coming sometime next week, Microsoft has just ended the week with a Windows 10 Mobile release. Remember, Windows 10 Mobile http: This new build fixes many bugs that members reported with the Additionally, Windows 10 Mobile also brings in a few small changes. Most of the known issues we listed for Build http: We also fixed the issue where the post-upgrade migration status screen was missing, which made the Lock screen appear frozen without the date and time for up to 10 minutes.

The problem of frozen lock screen is now fixed — as described in the excerpt above. Resolved the issues with unlocking phones after putting in the PIN. App downloads are more stable. Improvements in the Store updates. Larger battery icon. Oh, and the big thing, no more Old Store! Beta tag is also removed from the new store as in PC.

No word on Microsoft WiFi. Yes, the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview lets go of the old Store and the new Store has dropped the beta tag. The company is axing 7, employees from its phone division http: In the interview, Nadella made the surprising revelation that part of the reason why the Windows 10 http: That will never work. You have to have a differentiated point of view. Whether users of iOS http: He was also asked that if he would be carrying around Lumia Talkman http: Lumia Talkman was originally supposed to be Lumia , a handset that was proposed by several leaks to be carrying a 5.

After looking at this image, we would have to make the assumption that Microsoft might be intending on skipping a generation and be looking to unveil Lumia and Lumia XL. However, the specifications of Lumia have been changed slightly. Instead of sporting a QHD display, the handset would be rendering a p one, while maintaining the same screen size. A Snapdragon is expected to be present inside it, along with 32 GB of internal storage, which will be expandable to GB. Additionally, a 20 MP PureView rear snapper will be present, which will be supplemented by a 5 MP front camera sensor.

Instead of running a Snapdragon SoC, the device will be running a Snapdragon , along with the same specifications as its smaller screen counterpart. Both smartphones will also be running Windows 10 out of the box, which makes us come to the conclusion that these smartphones are expected to be released somewhere between October and November. Previously, we had reported that both smartphones were going to feature a much larger price than iPhone 6, primarily because both devices will be sporting a Triple LED flash and Retinal Scanner http: Like always, more leaks will be coming in, which will make us come one step closer to the hardware specifications and feature round-off of both Lumia and Lumia XL.

Till then, continue following for the latest updates. In fact, these minimum hardware requirements are so low, they make Windows 8. Moving on, 4 GB of flash storage will be required to install the platform on to the mobile device. Details on the type of flash storage required has been stated below: See section 6. The layout of the flash system store is specified by Microsoft and the SoC vendor. OEMs must not add partitions or remove partitions from this layout.

Given below are images stating which mobile chipsets will be compatible with Windows Additionally, there is also an image that states the amount of RAM required depending on the total amount of pixels that are going to be rendered from the device. The higher the resolution, the more RAM is going to be required. Are you guys excited for the imminent release of the operating system?

Let us know your thoughts. So how does Microsoft plan on reversing its fortunes in the cutthroat smartphone market that is dominated by Android in market share and iOS in profits http: Microsoft at least appears to be on the right path with the rumored Lumia and Lumia XL http: Over the past two years, Microsoft has flooded the market with numerous budget devices while it has neglected more premium offerings.

That's where you will see the most significant operational changes from how we operated last year to the coming year. So much has the OS been improved over the past few weeks that Microsoft is celebrating it with some fun Ninjacat wallpapers http: However, same is not yet true for Windows 10 Mobile development. Users will receive Windows 10 for desktops next week, on July Microsoft signed on the release to manufacturing build earlier this month essentially meaning that the operating system is ready for daily, bug-free use.

Of course, we will see regular updates Insiders have already received a couple of updates http: Comparing that, Windows 10 Mobile is yet to reach that refined level of operation. Keeping this in mind, you can still test the features and experience latest Windows 10 http: Windows 10 Mobile build was released to the Fast ring http: As we had shared with you previously, Windows 10 Mobile Insider build focuses on improvements to core quality of the OS more than the changes and new features.

Various issues and pesky bugs encountered in http: Here are some details: Beta tag is also removed from the new store as in PC build http: Internet Explorer on Windows Phone affected by 4 code-execution bugs http: The research team at TippingPoint, owned by HP, first reported the issues to Microsoft in private in the hope that they would release a patch before word hit the streets. Microsoft asked for an extension beyond the normal four month privacy window given by TippingPoint, and these extensions expired on Sunday, allowing the researchers to publicly reveal the issues.

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The first of the vulnerabilities http: The vulnerability allows an attacker, through careful manipulation of a webpage, to access memory beyond the end of an array of HTML cells, giving them a way to execute code. The other three vulnerabilities http: Through the use of a malicious webpage, an attacker could "force a dangling pointer to be reused after it has been freed", again giving them a way to execute code.

All four of the vulnerabilities allow code execution "under the context of the current process", which suggests that the code would be contained within Internet Explorer's sandbox. This would prevent the code from accessing critical system functionality, although only if the attack wasn't combined with the use of a separate privilege-escalation exploit. Microsoft is aware of the issues with Internet Explorer on Windows Phone, but it's unclear why the company hasn't issued a patch.

In a statement to Ars Technica http: Microsoft is making its own Android launcher http: The company is all set to bring Cortana to Android when Windows 10 launches and now it is working on its own Android Launcher, which could end up being its most significant step in to Android so far. Finally, there is a notes and reminders page, which will allow you to quickly set up reminders for later and take notes on the fly.

Then at the bottom of each page will be a dock for you to place apps on, which is pretty standard in Android launchers. Hoje em dia a Microsoft tenta recuperar a sua imagem e trazer pessoas para os seus produtos da mesma maneira, indo a plataformas rivais colocar os seus produtos. Nada de mal. Finalmente uma boa noticia para o mundo do WP!

Microsoft hints at November launch for Windows 10 Mobile http: The replacement for Windows Phone 8. While Windows 10 for tablets, laptops, convertibles and desktops is available from today, though, Microsoft has been surprisingly quiet about a launch schedule for Windows 10 Mobile - until now. In an interview with iAfrica http: Doherty also defended his company's decision to develop software, like the Office productivity suite, for rival platforms: That's been our strategy all along,' Doherty claimed. Well, the phone product's not code-complete yet. The platform's not code-complete.

No firm details about which Windows Phone devices will receive the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile have yet been released, although those which are supported in the Windows 10 Mobile beta programme http: It can be easily stored on key chains, steering wheels or anywhere that is convenient for the owner - and provides access to the virtual personal assistant in a safe manner.

Satechi promises up to two years battery life and Bluetooth wireless range up to 40 feet with the BT Cortana Button. D http: After the launch of the operating system for desktop, Microsoft has now released the list of Lumia devices that will receive Windows 10 Mobile once the OS is ready for smaller screens. There is no mention if this list only includes devices receiving the update in the first wave or is a complete, final list. Lumia smartphones listed above will be the first to receive the Windows 10 Phone upgrade.

However, Windows 10 http: Try out a simple trick to get the new operating system for your own computer: Windows 10 Coming To Xiaomi Smartphone Owners Previously, a report was published stating that Microsoft announced its partnership with Chinese smartphone manufacturer http: Looks like that partnership will continue to grow in the future because according to the latest tweet from Joe Belfiore, Xiaomi smartphone owners will soon be able to experience the unified interface of Windows In short, smartphone owners living in the geographical boundaries of China will effortlessly be able to experience Windows However, the executive has yet to clarify if the operating system will be able to run for individuals who are in possession of a Xiaomi handset, but are living outside of China.

He did state that the platform is running smoothly on these devices, meaning that it will provide the stepping stone for something greater. That ladies and gentlemen, could pave the way for more Android handsets featuring compatibility to run Windows However, the puzzling part is that why did Microsoft decided to tap Xiaomi for a partnership. For now, the only evidence we have of Windows 10 running on Android handsets is Xiaomi Mi 4. While we are confident that the platform will make it other Android handsets in the near future, Windows 10 has yet to be officially announced for smartphones.

We will keep you updated on the latest concerning the partnership of Microsoft and Xiaomi. Acer rumoured to release Windows 10 phones http: Other than the rumour there is very little to go on. It might be the start of a new generation of phones moving away from Android. After all it is not that expensive and works better with PCs in a corporate environment.

Acer has been playing around with the Windows Phone ecosystem by launching the new low-end Liquid M At the time the Liquid launched, Acer said it would bring Windows 10 Mobile to its handsets, so launching a slew of new gear seems like a practical move. This is odd as Redmond has cut back its mobile division, and is launching only a few Lumia shiny toys each year. The theory is that Microsoft wants other ODMs to fill the gap. Yeah, Windows Phone has seen very little success, but the Windows 10 version might fare a bit better. Besides it is not as if it is worse than Android and besides it is never going to be that fragmented.

IFA is taking place this September in Berlin so we expect there will be all sorts of announcements coming from it. No new build has been released in the last one month as Microsoft focused to deliver the operating system to desktop and laptop computers and is currently busy with bug fixing http: This leaked ROM has come out of China and seems to be focusing on fixing the bugs more than the features.

If you are feeling excited about the upcoming build, you can try it out on your Lumia smartphones. The counter have to be at minimum 1, otherwise your phone is blocked and you can't unlock it by unlock code. The unlock code is unique for every phone. You have to provide the IMEI number from your phone to get your unique unlock code. You have to provide the IMEI number. If your contract has ended, you can request the code from your provider. Another way is to buy an unlock code.

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