My samsung galaxy keeps freezing up

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  • Troubleshoot when your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 slows, freezes, or turns off unexpectedly!
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  • Possible Causes!
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How do I find my model number? Type Click to Expand. Click to Expand. Now Loading. If the app still causes the phone to freeze even in this mode, then we need to go after the app itself. Your apps will remain; only the temporary files the system uses when you open this app as well as your settings and preferences will be deleted.

After this, try to open the Play Store again and see if the phone still freezes. If not, then problem solved, otherwise, you have to troubleshoot the firmware. Android creates files that it uses so that the apps will run smoothly—these files are what we call caches. There are times, especially when you just updated the firmware, that these files get corrupted but the system will continue to use them.

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When it happens, the device may experience some performance-related issues like apps crashing or closing. Once the phone has rebooted, try opening the Play Store again and see if the device still freezes and if so, then the next step might help. If this problem still continues after the reset, then the firmware needs to be reflashed or re-installed. Find a tech who can do that. What does it mean if the phone, a Galaxy S7, keeps lagging and freezing?

How to Fix Frequent Freezing Issues in Samsung Galaxy S3

Literally, the phone randomly freezes for a few seconds, which is kind of annoying, then there it lags and lags even when performing very simple tasks like opening the apps. There are several reasons why your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is having freezing and lagging issues. Perhaps, it is due to a glitch in the system or some third-party apps on your phone why this issue is happening.

Below are some steps you can try to fix this problem: Assuming that you did an update on your phone, the first thing that you should do is to deal it first if there were apps that is causing the issue. Due to app incompatibility on the new system that may be the reason that your phone is freezing and lagging without apparent reason. Since, we cannot pinpoint what app is responsible through booting on Safe mode you can easily determine what triggers the problem.

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To boot on Safe mode follow the steps above. In this mode, the pre-installed apps will run in the system and the third-party apps will be temporarily disabled. If the issue is still happening while in Safe mode, proceed to the next step. As I mentioned in the first problem, caches get corrupted sometimes and when the system continues to use them, issues like these may occur. Follow the fourth step in the first problem for this on. After the procedures above and the issue still occurs, the next thing to do is to reset your phone. You should remember that this procedure will delete everything.

This is one of the most frustrating problems that Samsung Galaxy S7 users are always facing especially if the system of the phone had been updated. It is possible that due to corrupted system cache the device is randomly restarting. However, another reason that the issue occurs is due to the third-party apps that are not compatible with the new system of the device. To fix the problem, just follow the steps that we provided.

To boot your Galaxy S7 on Safe mode, just follow the steps above. If so, then obviously one of your third-party apps installed is causing it. Probably, due to the new firmware installed on your phone the old cache is not anymore compatible on the new system. Another way to prevent the issue is to clear the system cache of your phone. Through deleting old caches newer files will be created again in the directory of the phone after it restarts.

To do the procedure, follow the procedures above. If none of the above methods helped you fix the issue, then performing a reset is the best thing to do. This procedure will certainly fix the problem but it is important for you to know that before resetting your device you need to backup all your important files to prevent them from being lost or be deleted.

We are always open to your problems, questions and suggestions, so feel free to contact us by filling up this form. But rest assured we read every message we receive. I accidentally performed a factory reset to try to fix the issue, and the issue is still not fixed.