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Good luck! I'm vezuelan too but I bougth this phone to use it in Argentina and this do not happen to me here. Maybe if you go to the operator Digitel, Movistar or Movilnet they'll can help you. There r many sites on the internet that seal this service but the one I bought was www. Sabes la tarjeta donde viene la simcard? Espero mi respuesta te sirva de ayuda! Good day friend, the problem is not serious but the phone simcard verify that it is active or functional. You know where the card comes simcard?

I hope my answer helps you serve! I hope you solved my problem. According to the description of the article and a feature list in other webpages the phone is supposed to support LTE. Mine works just fine and I'm from Venezuela. You will get 3g and edge and sometimes what the call 3. Voice and Text are fine but data never exceeded Edge 2G. It was very slow with data. I consistently get Mbps data here which is roughly the same as 4GLTE with any of the carriers at this time.

This has been true of both prepaid and postpaid, to which I recently changed. En mi caso, recibi el equipo y me esta pidiendo un codigo de desbloqueo que hasta la fecha, no he recibido por parte del vendedor. I purchase one from Amazon model I it was describe as lte capable but have to reformat apn still does not work. Search wikipedia for LTE Networks to see what is required for your network. Not mentioned in the product description that condition. My question, works with operators in Venezuela or should I make the return? While is dual sim. Please do not ask me questions about the phone.

I only reviewed it. I sent it back. I'm not the seller. I bought it and tried it in a Latin American country. It is not unlocked. If you have a european chip around you may unlock it. Now I am trying to get the code through the Internet. Hi, this seems to be firmware problem of your phone and it is not related to PhoneCopy. Hi, to get contacts synchronized back to your phone please follow our guide https: I reset my phone before some days After that i couldn't retrieve my contacts from SD card Hello I recently almost ended up purchasing the Premium only I can not even use your Free version to synchronise the free contacts and SMSs from my Google Accounts.

I have over plus contacts and SMSs.

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To make matters worse I need to test if your process works prior to purchasing the Premium edition however I do not know if Huawei P8 Max is compatible as I can not see it clearly on your list. Can you email me to ellieroya2 gmail. Replied via email. We can helo you only in case you used PhoneCopy before reboot. Sorry, your request is not related to PhoneCopy at all. I exceed the limit by contacts,I have not transferred to my andriod yet. Will I be able to move contacts to my andriod? Hi, you can delete 41 on server, then you account will be unlocked and you will be able to synchronize contacts.

When you will exceed number of contacts again, your account will be automatically blocked again. Free account is provided for personal purposes with limit of contacts. Almost nobody has personal contacts. If you are using phonecopy for business purposes or you installed it to business mobile phone, you should buy Premium. My phone copy app on my LG G Stylo doesn't down load my contacts from the server on to my phone.

Please contact our support team and we will solve the problem. I had an iPhone and now changed to Kazam tornado but I'm not receiving all my texts from my contacts but they are receiving mine. Sorry, can you explain how is your request related to PhoneCopy. Sorry, but we don't synchronize notes on android yet. Not "Failed to send" but it just sits there saying "Sending" for every text message I try to send. I have to delete all of the "Sending" messages and reboot the phone before I can start sending text messages again.

Hi, is your request related to PhoneCopy? We can help with PhoneCopy problems only. How do I change the password to unlock my screen? Sorry we are not support for general android questions. We can help you with PhoneCopy issues only. To synchronize contacts back please follow our guide https: Hi, it is a problem based on device firmware. We can't influence it.

We can offer for synchronization only accessible data. Hello, my HTC salsa will not register my contacts, it registers all previous sms, can you please advise what am I doing wrong? Hello, we detected that you performed a succesfull sync with contacts on at It looks like that your issue is gone. Is it right? Does not support Nexus 5 Marshmallow. Might want to change your supported Lillipop to Lollipop. My Moto E2 is not detecting the contacts in my SIM card but, the same are displayed or being detected in other mobiles please help me solve the problem Hello, please, can you specify if your Motorola can not see your SIM contacts or you can not see them in PhoneCopy application.

We can help you only with the second case. In the first case, contact your Motorola support. Good day! I would just like to ask if the private sms will also be backed up when we do "Back up SMS" from the Messaging? Would appreciate if anyone could answer my concern. Thank you.. Hello, it depends on whether the private sms is saved as a other common sms or it is stored in a special private storage. PhoneCopy backs up only sms saved in standard way. I have a Samsung S Duos I installed phonecopy app and I already register also.. Then I synced my contacts to my phonecopy account so what I need to know is how to restore my synced contacts to my phone back now when I loose my phone memory.??.

Please show me steps.. Hello, just set up the phone in the same fashion as you did before. After first sync, it is possible that the contacts go to Deleted items on the server. Restore them at https: Hello, if do not have any other backup, you can try to restore all contacts stored at PhoneCopy, using PhoneCopy application. Hello, just uninstall PhoneCopy as any other Android app. I uninstall PhoneCopy but the contacts were still showing that the numbers are saved in phonecopy,I want to remove that?

Hello, is this question related to Android app? I can see that you have one Windows Phone mobile connected to your PhoneCopy account. If you want to remove PhoneCopy contacts from your Windows Phone cellphone, do following: Go to People app. Press the three dots in the right bottom corner and pick settings. On the bottom of the settings menu, there is a list of connected accounts. You will find PhoneCopy there. Long tap the PhoneCopy account and choose delete. This will remove all the contacts downloaded from PhoneCopy to your phone.

If you also want to remove all your data from PhoneCopy service, visit https: Hi , I have my contacts on mail. How can i sync those on to my new phone. Please suggest. Hi what is the format of your contacts? We can easily import vCard which is. It is not in supported devices. Any ideas? Hi, it is supported now. What error message you are receiving? No more error message. It works fine. I recently reset my LG-E to its factory settings. I am trying to get a google account with my fresh set up.

A Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 4G Review Won't Answer These 44 Questions - P – official

However, it has refused citing that my password and username are not the matching. When I log in to my gmail, I find an email informing me that I was trying to login through an insecure app. I am trying to login through Gmail or Playstore. What should I do now? I want to get apps back to my phone. It looks your request is not related to PhoneCopy. We provide contacts backup, synchronization and transfer only.

This is not technical support of your phone. I have deleted all my contact when I was setting my phone application manager so I have cleared the data from there, then all of my contact were gone, I want to get my contact back from my account so how can I do this. Hi, there is Single directional synchronization feature in the android applicaton which can be used to synchronize contacts FROM server to Device.

Hi copied contacts from my samsung device to iphone and merged both data from phone and server but after synchronization lost contacts on my iphone. Hi, you can restore it to new phone. SIM card has limited memory. Hi I was using lg l7. I have backup data in my sd card. I bought new panasonic p How can i restore tgat lg data in new phone?? Please check our guide http: Format is. If you still have old LG i recommend you to make new backup.

If you don't have it we can only recommend to search internet discussions if there is way to convert it for example to. My account has only 65 contacts saved on the phone copy server and hence have not exceeded the free account limit. Recently i lost my old phone samsung galaxy s3 so today i tried to synchronize the contacts from phone copy server to a my new phone Motorolla Droid Razor But when I try syncronizing, it gives an error message "The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago".

Please guide me in this regard. But you have more than thousand SMS stored on your account which is reason why your account exceeded number of data items. When you will delete SMS to keep it less than your account will be unlocked. Sorry, we can't help you. If you made contact backup you can trasfer it to another phone.

ANY help would be appreciated. YOU may email me also Hi, we expect your main computer is Windows PC. Then please follow our guide. For Android please follow https: Hi, My account has only contacts and hence have not exceeded the free account. But when I try syncronizing it gives an error message "The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago".

Pls guide with the next steps. We found more than contacts on your account. Hi, on the android devices you can set visibility of each data source which contain contacts. Please check if you have correctly set visibility of contacts. Hi, it is not related to PhoneCopy only. It is general settings of your android phone. It depends of your phone vendor.

On each phone in the settings there is contact settings and there you can set which contacts will be visible. No, there is not a way to upload messages to iPhone at all. Iam using Hisense U and it does not display contact numbers nor contact list yet the numbers are stored on the sim card and iam able to access them on other phones. This occurred lately as first I was able to access them.

Please how can I do to solve this problem? Hi, is your request realted to PhoneCopy. We can help you with PhoneCopy but your phone was not synchronized to our service. Iam Using Asus Zenphone 4 with lolipop in that i cant find phone contact in phone sopy setting page kindly help me to solve the issue karthik. Google Play Store is saying that it is not compatible with the app. Hi, what android version you have installed? I am trying to syncronise the contacts from my Android device Samsung A3 but each time I try I get a warning stating that I have exceeded the amount of contacts and sync has been disabled.

I'm using the free version so can you please tell me why this is failing when I have less than the contacts allowed? I can see successfull synchronization of your phone. Did you solve the issue? Did you select gmail account in the PhoneCopy application settings as database which has to be synchronized? I'm trying to get hotmail contacts from my computer to my samsung galaxy ace-4 lite. So what do I do? Hi, for import we support only VCF vCard0 format. Are you able to export contacts from hotmail to VCF? Then you can use PhoneCopy for Windows to upload it to server.

And what android version you have installed in your device? On my blackberry q10 phone copy finds 0 contacts. How do I make it find my contacts? Application can not see any contacts if they are stored in another account. If your contacts are stored in another account we recommend to import them to BlackBerry contacts account. Please follow our guide https: Hi, Just upgraded to Premium and downloaded contacts to new android work phone. Want to give my old phone to my Personal Assistant, with the hope that if we both continue to synchronise and update BOTH phones to the account, we will they be able to maintain and update the SAME set of contacts.

Is this the case? Really hope so, and if so Phone Copy is even better than expected! Hello, as long as you both sync the phones against the same account, the contacts will be synchronized. The system is also able to handle collisions - changes of the same contact from both phones. You can easily review all changes on PhoneCopy website. As premium user, you can show all changes of each contact look for the clock icon on contact edit screen.

Using that, users are able to assign only part of their data to the other phone e. How can i restore my sms. I have got my contacts back up thru phonecopy but i cann't restore my sms. Can you help me to get it. Hi, did you have internet connection?

Can you send us screen shot to be able analyze what is the problem? I want to copy my contacts from sim to my mobile Huwaei g phone copy application not shown any option of sim card contacts transfer. PhoneCopy can work with contacts which are accessible from phone interface. In most phones there is internal feature allowing to copy contacts from SIM to phone. Hi, if you can't download PhoneCopy from Google Play, try direct link from our web site. Then follow our guide https: Last synchronization was made two days ago which included both contacts and SMS. Hi I have done backup and synchronize all my contacts If you made backup to PhoneCopy you can restore it but we didn't find any contacts stored in your online profile.

Can I do it without wiping the contacts on the Android? In the app I did a combine both, only to find that the server contacts were deleted afterwards! I did an undelete so at least that worked Anybody? Hi, Combine both shoudl keep contacts from both data sources. I recommend yout Combine Both to get contacts from the server to new phone along with keeping already saved contacts in the phone.

Well, thats what I had tried. In the app it wanted me to go through one of 3 routes-gmail, Sansung or SMS. I don't know if it makes a difference? Another interesting thing was, afterwards using the the old phone I transferred the contacts using bluetooth to the Samsung. It transferred ok but now Gmail on the Samsung can',t see any emails in any of its folders. I'm sure if I delete the Gmail account and reinstall it that a lot of my contacts will disappear again! Hello, the app gives you choices to decide which contact database you want to sync the contacts with.

Samsung is the local contacts recommended , while Gmail is the contacts storage used by Gmail app and it may interfere with PhoneCopy synchronizations. Hi thanks Just a recommendation- maybe you should highlight the recommended one in the app logon page, it might save a few support calls!

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HI, if i delete delete my messages in my phone after first synchronization, and again i synchronize after one day then my first synchronized messages will be gone from phoneCopy server Is it true? You will find it under Deleted Messages button and you can restore it to active messsages list. In case you are Premium user you will get it synchronized back to your phone then.

I have a phone "Huawey Ascend Y" and I have not found in the list of compatible phones. The phone has 2 Sim. There is a similar phone? How can I fix the problem? It is already supported, please check our list: Hello, after synchronizing I find phonecopy has imported all the contacts from my gmail account, even those who consist only of an email address captured automatically by gmail, those which appear under 'Other contacts' in gmail Contacts. I would like to get rid of those, i.

Any way to do that? Hello, when you synchronize with some account, all contacts from it will be transfered. In your case it was Google account, which is adding those email addresses as contacts. If you delete them, Google account will create them again. We recommend you to use your local phone account instead of Google account for storing your contacts - if it is possible. Please help me I forgot my backup and restore password. Please use Lost Password link from home page. You can use PhoneCopy app to backup contacts and SMS, then you can delete PhoneCopy app and you will have data accessible via online profile on www.

But feel your request as privacy problem. Think about it. Is phonecopy available on playstore? Please tell me procedure.. Yes it is free application. You can use it for free until contacts and sms stored in the profile. Even you will exceed it you can use it 7 days as trial. Here is tutorial describing synchronization contacts include SMS. Hi phone copy shows 0 contacts when I have over in my phone. What's the solution? Please check if you set correct contact database to synchronize it.

Android has several contact databases and you can select which one you want to synchronize to PhoneCopy. Si alguien me puede dar respuesta mil gracias. Que tal? Buen dia porque en la opcio-ajustes-mi dispositivo- solo me sale la opcion action-gesture activation y no el resto de configuraciones?? Ola kidiera saber como puedo kitar la seguridad de fotos se me kedan en una carpeta y no me da aceso para poder eliminarlo es el s4 saludos. Hola, Tengo un problema cuando trato de editar una foto con la galeria me sale un mensaje de error: Editor de imagenes de detuvo.

Hola, keria saber como configurar mi camara frontal porque me aprece opaca la imagen, que tengo que hacer?? En cualquier caso, parece un fallo de software. Buenas tardes, tengo un S4 cuando me llaman nunca se bloquea la pantalla me podrian decir que hacer? Tengo un samsung galaxy s4. Antes cuando estaba en la pantalla de bloqueo y apretaba la tecla de ir hacia atras me resaltaba con un cuadrado los puntitos para escribir el patron y ahora ya no.

Es un tema de configuracion o actualizacion de samsung o que? Hola tengo un s4 hace poco y desde hace unos dias cuando recibo un wapshat de audio la pantalla se pone negra ,alguien sabe que hacer. Tengo un s4 y desde hace unos dias cada vez que uso cualquier aplicacion me saltan mensajes de internet, como puedo quitarlos para que no salgan. Hola buenas noches.. Alguna ayuda, sugerencias, porfavor.. Necesito ayuda hace 3 dias me compre Sansung s4 mini Como tengo que hacer para descargar fotos,musica y video desde la pc ya tengo fotos y videos de mi familia deseo llevar mi celu lo enchufo al cable ucb me dice no me lo reconoce la compu.

Me gustaria saber como hago para recuperar la aplicacion q me permite saber de donde me llaman hice un update no hace mucho y shora todas las llamadas q me entran no dice de donde son. Necesito Ayuda!!!! Hola tengo un samsung S4 y en mi lista de contactos en lugar de aparecer en nombre de mis contactos aparecen mensajes que me llegan al whatsap. Tengo varias dudas. En galeria me aparece la musica q me he descargado, por ejemplo de tubemate, y fotos del WhatsApp que no quiero tener. He hecho mil pruebas de mover de un lado para otro y nada.

La verdad es q no entiendo lo de galeria. Tengo un lio…. Creo q la pregunta correcta es, como puedo mover musica de las carpetas de archivo al icono de musica, o algun reproductor de musica. Borrar las fotos de la galeria las que no te deja: Tengo el Galaxy S4 y desde hace un tiempo me sale una pantalla negra con la fecha y hora que bloquea mi pantalla es desesperante no se como quitarlaaaaa se bloque al instante y si lo sacudo un poco se desbloquea porfa alguien que me ayude gracias!!

Hola, Hace algunos dias que al recibir llamadas entrantes se me bloque la pantalla y no puedo acceder al menu de mi s4. No me responde ni siquiera presionando ninguno de los botones, en la llamad saliente no tengo este problema.

A Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 4G Review Won't Answer These 44 Questions - Part 3 of 7

Si alguien me pudiese ayudar gracias. Hola, Tengo problemas con mi galaxy S4. Actualmente no cuento con un plan telefonico y uso WiFi. Pero esto ocurre con ciertos WiFis. Gracias por la respuesta!


El WiFi se trata del internet de mi casa. Si me conecto desde el WiFi de la casa de una amiga, ese si funciona. Que puede ser? Hola tengo un problema, ayuda por favor!! Para ver mis fotos tengo que ir a mi camara. Hola …. Hola mi amiga y yo tenemos un Galaxy S4 exactamente igual y ella puede ocultar fotos de la galeria y yo no.

Selecciona las que quiere ocultar y desaparecen. En el mio no aparece esa opcion en el desplegable. Alguien sabe porque? Tengo un s4 y se me borran los contactos cada vez que lo apago que puedo hacer a y los guardo en la tarjeta sim. Al editar un contacto no me aparece la opcion. Prueba a reinstalarlo si ves que no funciona bien. Hola, me compre el celular hace tres meses en montevideo uruguay y me aparecio hace quince dias modo seguro y se me eliminaron la aplicaciones. Pero cuando se me apaga por falta de bateria y lo prendo me vuelve a aparecer modo seguro.

Quisiera saber como hago sacarlo, y porque me viene siempre. Sigue as. Mi Dios les pague. No me gustan como funciona.. No puedo ver las fotos de algunos contactos de mi whats app. Tengo amigas que me tienen agendafo y no logro ver su foto y no se como solucionarlo. Hola les. Tengo un Samsung s4 y lo utilizaba normalmente tanto en google como en internet explorer. Hello ayuda!! Tengo un galaxy s4, se me cayo y se rompio el lente , lo tengo q llevar a shop donde los reparan pero quiero asegurarme q tenga la misma calidad de fotos so quisiera saber como perdilo.

Que es mas importante en la calidad de fotos la camara o el lente?? Hola, tengo un problema con mi s4. Solo puedo utilizar la trasera, he intentado utilizar la frontal en otras aplicaciones, pero sucede lo mismo, incluso cuando estoy leyendo un texto no reconoce el movimiento porque la cmara no funciona. Alguien sabe que es lo que puedo hacer para repararla? Tengo un S4 mini y quisiera saber como hago para que en las fotografias salga la fecha especifica en que fueron tomadas.

Descargue temas en mi celular y al tiempo se me desaparecen. El otro dia tenia 23 cancion y me aparecieron 11 y ahora me aparecen 5. Hola buenas tardes, desde hace dias no puedo visualizar las llamadas ni entrantes ni salientes y eso que tengo activado el visualizador inteligente asi que no se que pasa alguien que me ayude a tener esta opcion nuevamente.

Por mi trabajo, suelo guardar muchos contactos por el nombre de la empresa para la que trabajan, seguido de nombre y apellido. Gracias por la respuesta. Un saludo. A mi se me mojo el cel. No hay una descarga de teclado virtual para poder usarlo. Porqe cada vez qe qiero cambiar d aplicacion tngo qe reiniciarlo. Como hago para que al tomar una foto con mi Galaxy este me muestre la hora y fecha en la misma foto.

Mi móvil va bien y no necesito cambiarlo

Buen dia, me pueden indicarque hacer para activar la tecla del wifi. Cada que ne trato de conectar a una red esta no se ilumina como las demas aplicaviones cuando se activan, luego me indica que se esta activando y al rato vuelve a quedar en OFF. En los primeros tiempos de uso se me guardaban, pero ahora ya no. Muchas gracias desde antemano mis amigos! Es bastante molesto. Sobre todo por las noches. Utilizo el correo de mi operador, la verdad es que de todo esto no tengo mucha idea ni de esa jerga que utilizais en este mundo, tengo un empleo que a la vez que me obliga a mantenerme en contacto casi no me perma cosa?

I am truly grateful to the owner of this website who has shared this great paragraph at at this time. I am truly thankful to the holder of this website who has shared this wonderful paragraph at at this time. Cuando conecto mi celular a la pc no lo reconoce, carga la bateria pero no puedo explorar mi archivos del celular. Tengo un galaxy s4 y no me aparecen lis modos en la csmara solo tengo 5 de 12 me falta el panoramico deporte y borrador ayudaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Si le doy a Aceptar, la cierra y el Gestor de apps me dice que ya estoy a cero. Hola, me gustaria saber si existe una nube en la que pueda guardar no solo imagenes, sino tambien mis contactos, canciones y archivos en general. Tengo un samsung s4 y no he logrado encontrar una aplicacion que me sirva. Muy sencillo: Les agradezco la ayuda. Buenas tardes Alguien me podria ayudar Necesito saber que tengo que hacer para poder escuchar musica en youtube y poder bloquear la patalla para que no gaste bateria. Si estoy en youtube escuchando musica al bloquear la pantalla se pausa la musica.

Espero sus respuestas Muchas gracias saludos. Parece que Samsung ha hecho el cambio en el teclado. Enamorada de Samsung todos mis cel y los tv. Lindo dia!!! Yo actualize el kit kat en mi s4 y me salia una ventana emergente con las notificaciones del facebook en la pantalla de bloqueo pero lo restaure y sigue con kit kat y ya no sale la ventana emergente de las notificaciones del facebook que hago para que me vuelva a salir gracias.

Mi novio tiebene un galaxy s5 y me dice que no puede ver mis mensajes de facebook y que debe descargar una aplicacion para verlos, a que se debe esto? Un saludo!!

Esta muestra de labor inteligente y una presentacion simple!! Continuad posteando postts de modo tan genial tios, yo he incluido esto a mi lista blog favs. Normalmente el sistema funciona bien aunque puede dar fallos puntuales. Necesito ayuda.. Como hago para quitarlo definitivament.

Quiero q en el registro solo aparezcan las llamadas perdidas,salientes,entrantes gracias. Como hago para solucionar eso??? Tengo un problema. Alguien sabe como puedo solucionarlo? A ver si me podeis ayudar os lo agradeceria, mi samsung galaxy 4 al bloquearlo se queda la pantalla encendida, o se apaga y enciende y me consume toda la bateria.

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A Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 4G Review Won't Answer These 32 Questions - Part 1 of 7

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