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Nokia has recently announced its new flagship phone the Nokia Lumia This phone is in lines with the other new Nokia Lumia , but differs from its cousin in many ways.

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The company has maintained a similar design to its Lumia phones but has added a metal band. This is the first phone that will feature a mix of plastic and metal. However, the back is still made of polycarbonate plastic. The phone is made slim and light weight making it comfortable to hold. However, the back is non-removable so the battery is not easily accessible. The phones comes with a 4.

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The left and the bottom side of the device is bare, while the right side has the volume rocker, the power button and the dedicated camera button making it a little too crowded. The 4. The phones provides a good contrast and vibrant colors but the difference is not really that apparent when using day-to-day. Under the hood, the phone is powered by Dual-core 1. The processor is fast and responsive, but lags when it comes to camera.

Difference between Nokia Lumia and Sony Xperia Z | Nokia Lumia vs Sony Xperia Z

The phone comes with only 16 GB internal memory and does not offer users to extend it using an external card. The phone integrates the Windows Phone 8 OS, which works seamlessly. However, again similar to all other Windows Phones, the app stores lack many apps and still has yet to reach its potential.

The phone comes with an 8.

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The company has also added an additional lens on the five-lens that allows taking much better photos. Nokia also boasts about its low-light imaging technology that allows users to take excellent photos in low-lighting conditions. The imaging technology is quite superior and does take excellent images with less blur. However, the camera shutter is quite slow which requires the user to hold the phone with a steady hand to eliminate motion blur.

The company also has removed the built-in wireless feature to cut down on the weight, but has added it as an option by purchasing the wireless cover. The phone comes with a non-removable Li-Ion mAh battery that allows the phone to go longer periods of time without requiring charging.

The phone also comes with a few nifty features that make it stand out. The new phone is slick, thin and has decent features. It could just be phone that turns the tide in favor of Nokia Windows Phone. These two phones are similar in design and features, with only slight alterations to the ZL.

Sony announced the phones at the CES in January. The Lumia is Nokia's latest flagship smartphone and is the first Lumia smartphone to feature a premium aluminum frame. The smartphone features a 5-inch x TFT shatter proof and scratch-resistant glass display, runs Android 4. The smartphone is also water-resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. While the leaked roadmap lists both smartphones launching on July 17, those dates are subject to change.

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We'll have to wait for T-Mobile to announce an official launch date, but for now, it looks like we only have a few more weeks to go before getting our hands on both smartphones. T-Mobile is giving free Netflix subscriptions to its customers.


Buying two lines of T-Mobile One entitles you to a Netflix subscription. The Nokia 6 will be available exclusively through Amazon USA sometime in early July in matte black and silver variant.

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  • An additional tempered blue and copper colors of the handset will be offered later in the summer. But Verizon took issue with Sprint's new promotion. Neville Ray said: