Need for speed no limits iphone cheats

Orange glowing arrows point you in the direction you need to be heading, police cars jump over ramps instead of stopping to dismantle them, and disgruntled co-racers try and ram you off the track. The game sits firmly in the arcade section of the racing gamut. You can upgrade your roaring supercars, but there's no real tinkering here.

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Just stuff new bits under the chassis to make your brum brum car go faster. The controls are pretty straightforward.

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Tap left or right to steer, swipe up to fire your nitro boost, and swipe down to start a drift. Complicated things like accelerating and braking are all handled for you.

Making the Most of Your Whip

Races fly by in less than a minute. Sometimes your four-wheeled rocket is fast enough that you can get ahead of the pack and stay there.

Other times you're going to have to scrap for position. Anything other than first place is worthless here.

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There are different types of challenges. There's one all about jumps, one all about driving on nitro boost pads, and one that involves catching up with an opponent and overtaking them before the end of the course. It keeps things reasonably fresh, although they all boil down to getting to a set point within a set time.


But most of them are a lot of fun, and the sense of ragged speed the game creates is worth the asking price alone. Ah yes, the asking price. Need for Speed: No Limits is free to play, and about three hours in I hit a wall.

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