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Most likely Solutions: Did you draw all of your lines in the same sketch? If not, redraw them all in the same sketch.

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Do your lines all connect? You only can extrude closed shapes. Says "invalid operation" or similar error message Most likely Solution: You probably picked a radius that is impossible as some point on your selected edge. Try a smaller radius if possible. If changing the radius didn't work, try un-checking the "Tangent Chain" check-box. This will make only the specific edge you click be filleted Problem: My print came out warped Most likely Solution: If your print is not totally messed up, try heating the plastic carefully with a lighter and bending it to the proper shape.

This probably happened because: Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip. Diffraction Grating Kaleidoscope. Reply Upvote. Digital 3d printer leather phone case laser uv printer. Anet Industrial digital printing machine price phone case 3d printer. Beyond one year, only charge at cost.

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Haiwn offers excellent service and support. And we will send the machine after receiving full payment. The printer with high quality infrared sensor can be operated easily. Does the printer can print other materials 9 Yes.

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Digital 3 head inkjet varnish 3d A2 size tx uv uv flatbed phone case printer price with photoprint. Whatever the pattern is,simple color block,full color or intermediate color, our printer can print at once. Garros multifunction acrylic phone case laser printer digital phone case 3d printer.

Anet A3-S Top selling products fdm digital phone case 3d printer for sale. Top selling products digital phone case 3d printer extruder filament factory price.

For large 3D printer filament order, those branded carriers often offer us the lowest rates to save your cost. Our shipping partners can offer many ship routes to all the countries. So wherever you are, we will be able to ship the goods to you in short time with best price. Photopolymers are sensitive to ultraviolet light, so the resin is photochemically solidified and forms a single layer of desired 3D object. Posted 7 hours ago — By Julian Chokkattu.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is absolutely up your alley.

But it's still fragile, and damage is easily gathered through normal life. Protect it with the best Galaxy S10 Plus cases. Posted 3 hours ago — By Mark Jansen. Mobile The best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases to keep your titanic phone safe The new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a gorgeous device, with one of the best dual-lens cameras we've ever seen.

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Keep your titanic device safe and scratch-free with the best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases. Posted 4 days ago — By Mark Jansen. Gaming Transport your Nintendo Switch in style with these nifty cases The Nintendo Switch, which boasts both wired and handheld modes, needs a good case to ensure it doesn't get beat up while you're on the go.

We scoured through dozens of Switch cases to bring you the best ones. Posted 5 days ago — By Gabe Gurwin.

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