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Pokemon News and updates Keep informed and updated Pokemon Giveaway Our pokemon experts can help you. Thank you for your comment Becky, it must be a bug of the update it used to work at one point. I will make a note of your observation once I find time. Useful info. Tobacco does not work for me… I tried to add fire and grass but there was still no reaction.. Any help?

380 Combinations For Alchemy : A Highly Addictive Games For Android 378 Combinations

I woke up, saw your comment and started a new game to get all the way to there. I wanted to see if it was possible. In my case at first it was not, I was running too many programs as soon as I freed up the memory, restarted the game and bingo. Sometimes phones can bug out that way. Thanks for updating me. Apologies for the oversight. About two updates back or so, that was the original combination for sex.

I forgot to update the change. It has been corrected. Thank you, so much for bringing it to my attention. Have fun! The elements needed are listed right next to the elements. You need to see the list and find out how to make the elements required. The ones in red are listed like that because they are the latest addition. Sometimes when the program runs it gets in a weird state, so you need to restart. Try restarting your phone. Grayed out on the list? Or grayed out on the post. I checked the post.

Let me check my alchemy game. If it continues to fail the last resort would be to reinstall the game. Any idea? You need to restart your phone. Also make sure you have no other programs running. Sometimes when there is too much going on the program becomes unresponsive. Thank you so much for the list i now have all The list is so clear to follow……Awesome job!!!! It took me a minute but I found pteridectile and that plus fire made dragon. Fish and Glass do not combine. Any suggestions? Did you restart the phone, and then tried combining Glass and Fish versus fish and glass?

I read many comments where just restarting the Phone helps. The bug with certain elements not working is known to me. Sometimes you have to combine them backwards or just put all those elements together from all that does not work and mix it together eventually it will give. The bug seems to affect mostly the Iphone. Hey, i have but i dont kniw what they are.

Do you have mermaid? Some people forget that one. Also I noticed you looked at the combinations list. Check out the one without the combos on it.

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I find it easier just to see the missing elements without all the combos in it. Trust me the are all there, if the counter is not adding em up.

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It might be a bug, some have reported that one, to me, It happened to me once on the old version of the game. Your are most welcome by the way. Not trying to offend you and all but i think its happened to you to, right? Try them back ward try to putting all those ingredients together and messed them up on the screen. Someone please help!! I have one list with the elements just the elements try that one first. Link found at top. Once you find the one you are missing then look at this combo list.

Thx A LOT for this very complete list.

How do I make human in zeds alchemy? There is no human in the game all you make is Golem. The rest goes from there. Like jeez. Any other good games? But still thanks a bunch — Offended Canadian;.

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  • Your guess dear Canadian is as good as mine. Make the suggestion under the settings in the game, who knows. So you never know, You can also email the game creator directly his email is listed at the bottom of the game page on the Google Play store. As far as any other good games, well, I have been playing Alchemy Classic it has more combinations and some are locked because they need to be payed for. However it still leaves enough elements to keep the brain happy.

    If you know of any I would like to know self. They might both be correct. See in this game there is more than one way to make the elements. So on to your question. The combo here is tried and tested to work. As for the other, I seem to remember it being the case. However they change with every update I personally have played it for the past two. I will look it up and get back to you. I love this app but for some reason I can not get some elements even though I mix the correct elements to make it. Are you using an apple device? If so there in is the problem.

    Restart the game, and make sure you have nothing else running in the background. If all fails restart your phone and if it does not fix it, begin a different save file. The following applies to any device Apple or Android based. Are you using an Apple device? If not try restarting the game and make sure you have nothing else running. Sometimes it glitches that way. Missing five elements on kindle fire app, can not make copper so can not make wire, or phone, or i phone. I found there is another way to make copper.

    I have had these issues myself to no end. When i try to get venus, its says its planet puls woman but in the game it says you cant add planet with anyhting? Is there another way to get venus. No, while Iceland is a country surrounded in all sides by water which would make it an Island.

    This is the story of me

    Whoa, superb weblog composition! The whole peek of the web site is amazing, much less this article materials! This is very frustrating… And I do not want to pay money to find this last one. This list has been so helpful. I got stuck at 75 elements. With just a few of these combos I was back to playing and trying new ones. Thanks so very much. It get really annoying when you try a bunch of different ones and you get the same ones you already have. So thanks a tons. Happy Holidays Sweetie. This list is able to find any element possible in the game.

    Yet it does not contain every single recipe possible. I planned to put all the ways I know to make things. However, the width is very limited. Once I move this list to my private site it will be an interactive list with all the possible ways, still working on that though. Give me a shout when you need help. I currently have a excel sheet that already shows a bit more information.

    Still a work in progress though https: I will look into that. In the mean time. I understand how the alphabetization, can confuse sometimes. I was looking for it lower on the list. Sadly other than commenting on Google Play.

    My Letters to the World…

    I ran into it myself a few times. What do I do? I literally have gone through each element and typed at least one combination with the exception of air and earth and I got all correct well, all During all this, I have one profile called the Default which has all elements unlocked for reference that I used cheat sheets on for self-reference.

    What the hell? I just spent ten minutes going through my whole list of elements, double-checking, and I have them all. Again, what the hell? That was in my prime. If I got that point, you were trying to make, you are yet another unhappy player. I understand that, I have gotten those bugs myself. Though I am not sure he will ever get back to you, I have myself pointed out all these issues via email. None worked so would you know another way of creating it? Might be the wrong game. Since earth is one of the elements you start out with.