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Volume levels remain about the same, though, which is not a common sight among smartphones. A solid overall performance, which should please anyone but the most demanding audiophiles. And here go the results so you can see for yourselves. Sony Xperia T frequency response.

Sony Xperia T

You can learn more about the whole testing process here. Apple iPhone XS Max review. GSMArena team , 24 September T-rex Sony Xperia T review.

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Gallery, music and video players, audio quality. The Album gallery Pictures is the main tab and one of its features managed to impress us: Map reminds us of the iOS gallery, where all geotagged pictures are shown on a world map. New video player includes powerful editor The video player is dubbed Movies and it too has a new interface. The Xperia T Movie Studio Walkman music player on board Another of the redesigned Sony media apps which has gotten a facelift is the new Walkman music player. It is divided into Playing and My music panels.

The music player is decent looking and snappy The Now Playing screen offers the standard music controls, shortcuts to the library, "Infinity" key and the song cover art. Sound enhancements and EQ While the rest of the music player is the same as what we saw on Sony Ericsson handset, this one adds music controls to the lockscreen. Still camera and quality comparison, video camera and quality comparison. Reviews Sony Xperia T review Page 6. Comments User reviews Xperia T. Complementing the XZ2 Premium's display is a pair of front-facing speakers that produce loud, clear sound.

Yes, I have great taste in entertainment.

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Essentially, this is a stronger-than-usual haptic motor that rumbles along to your music or games. The regular XZ2 also has this, and, just as it was there, this feature is inconsistent and gimmicky. You control the intensity by pressing the volume rocker and selecting one of five levels, then wait and see what happens. The vibration kicks in inconsistently, and ultimately it's not very useful. More noteworthy is the fact that this is the first Xperia phone to sport dual rear cameras. Sony is about two years behind the rest of the industry here, and you'd think that the company would have used that extra time to add features its competitors lacked.

Alas, there are no surprises here.

Sony Xperia T review

The XZ2 Premium pairs a megapixel monochrome sensor with a megapixel color sensor and lets you shoot pictures with artificial depth of field -- just like most flagship phones. Although that did help me take great low-light pictures with less noise, I've also been able to achieve similar results with other phones that offer some sort of ultra-low-light mode, like the Huawei P20 Pro and the LG G7 ThinQ. It's worth noting, though, that the P20 Pro can hit ISO , under the right circumstances, such as in auto night mode.

Another standout feature is the ability to record 4K HDR videos -- a first not just for the XZ2 lineup but for the entire industry. By default, the camera shoots at full HD with HDR off, but once you tune the settings in the app, you'll be greeted by multiple warnings about how the device might heat up and stop recording if it runs out of space. Google Pixel 2 left vs. That's a relatively minor trade-off, considering how large 4K HDR files can run.

Ultimately, though, the payoff might not be worth it. You'll have to post-process the clips to reclaim the color and brightness, which is something only advanced users will have the time and skill to do. For that audience, though, this is likely a welcome feature. I did appreciate the predictive capture tool.

When you're framing your shot, the XZ2 Premium is already on the lookout for interesting things happening, and it will trigger when it detects a smile or a big movement. I tried to take a portrait of my colleague, and pressed the shutter button when he smiled, but the predictive tool also saved shots of moments before, when he was making a face. It's like the iPhone's Live Photos, capturing a couple of seconds before you press the button, except it stores stills instead of an animation. In general, the XZ2 Premium takes crisp photos, but they tend to have a bluish-green cast.

Both the front and rear cameras had the same effect, and my Pixel 2 delivered much more accurate colors. At first I thought it was because I was viewing the photos on the Xperia itself, but the images were just as bad on my computer's screen.

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In some other cases, though, after I had played with the HDR settings and then put everything back on default, the white balance was more accurate. At times, the XZ2 Premium even shot better, more vibrant selfies than my Pixel. It has the same Snapdragon processor , allowing for powerful multitasking in both cases. The Premium didn't stutter as I scrolled endlessly through my Instagram feed, played games like Harry Potter: Switching between apps and launching things like the camera on this Android 8 Oreo device happens without delay, and I've grown accustomed to the Sony's lightweight Android skin, so it doesn't bother me.

The XZ2 Premium's battery lasts about a day and a half on light use, although typically it conks out every night. It charged back up in almost no time at all, though, and I frequently got back to nearly 25 percent about 15 minutes after plugging it in. The XZ2 Compact , for example, is much less ugly, since it doesn't have that smudgy glass covering, the one makes the Premium so slippery. All three XZ2s use the Snapdragon chip, so you won't notice performance differences across the range, and all three offer features like the 4K HDR video recording and dynamic vibration.

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The Premium has the biggest, sharpest screen; both the 5. How we score The Engadget Score is a unique ranking of products based on extensive independent research and analysis by our expert editorial and research teams.

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Read Full Review. Critic Reviews Sony Xperia T review: Onscreen buttons and a marginally higher-resolution camera are certainly improvements, but a fully-priced Xperia T is hard to recommend over the now-discounted Xperia S. Sony Xperia T Review. The sturdy arched design will appeal to many, and the 13MP camera will let you capture those impromptu moments on the fly because of the dedicated shutter key. There are no major gripes with the handset either — it is zippy, with expandable storage and easy to access card slots. User Reviews 9. Sony has pulled out phone worthy of a flagship on such a budget friendly price.

Look wise: My experience so far has been nothing short of amazing.

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The screen is fantastic, the camera is unbeatable and the UI is much improved over the Ion, it must have to do with the ram and processor upgrade Key Specs. Operating system. Screen size. Internal memory. Talk time. Log in before writing a review.