My htc evo wont download apps

I am impressed with your creativity. I was always facinated with Android development. I Want to make a. You can try going to http: Try studying independently. The first step is studying the Java programming language, which is underpins Android app development. Currently, Coursera. Look for the Play Store app in your app drawer list of installed apps. Top Deals. DeVonna Nascimento August 23, Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. I've seen you say that you can tether for free on Android.

I have the EVO 4G. David's question is one I've been hearing a lot lately. There is a way around this, but it's a pretty complex and risky procedure that involves rooting your phone. If traditional tethering is what you're after, though -- connecting one device to your phone at a time via USB or Bluetooth -- that's something you can do very easily without paying a dime. In fact, you can do it regardless of what Android phone you're using or what version of Android you're on, as I've pointed out before.

Just don't tell your iPhone-toting friends.

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When's your phone getting the Android 2. And remember, if you have an Android-related question of your own, send it in to ask androidpower.

How To Fix Download Pending Problem In Google Play Store

I'll answer it here soon. First, a quick caveat: Some carriers may object to tethering. They may scream, cry, issue a nominal fee, or possibly even string you up by your toes if they discover you're doing it.

Getting help and troubleshooting

Others don't mind so much. And, just between you and me, most carriers won't actually know you're tethering unless you suddenly start downloading copious amounts of data over your newfound connection. If you're using this guide to try to tether with a phone like the Motorola Backflip or HTC Aria, you may run into trouble finding and installing the apps you need. There are some backdoor workarounds, but they're a bit on the advanced side hint: Long story short, make sure you read the fine print of your carrier's wireless usage agreement, and proceed at your own risk.

Said, I loved your review! I downloaded a few of the apps you had on your list.

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Kathy H. Said, Thank you so much for your insite. Said, Very nice list!!! GadgetLar Said, Some of your suggestions worked fine. Dave Said, You can now buy extended battery and new back cover at Amazon. Angel Fronek Said, You forgot to do a couple. Though many like Stitcher, I use this one or CarCast.

You can quickly set this up to subscribe and watch video podcasts mostly anywhere. Advanced Task Cleaner Pro. Air Horn. Barcode Scanner. I use this often when shopping… ever wonder if a product is any good? Why not put the power of a zillion reviews at your fingertips! The beep makes you think you work in a supermarket. Battery TimeLite. Geocaching app. While no replacement for a dedicated GPS, this works very well in a pinch. Also if you forgot to load geocaches lately, this one is up-to-date since it is using the geocaching.

Caller ID Faker.

It is ad ridden, but actually works. You put in the number to call and the number it looks like it is coming from. Even can do wacky voice disguising! You have to listen to an ad first, and you only get 2 minutes, but worth it to screw with someone.

Troubleshoot issues related to apps on your HTC EVO 4G

Car Cast. Nice podcast for the car. Chomp can do custom vibration notification! Who knows where you are going…. Great, free service 2GB for free for having files available in multiple places. Can use it to back up any file from your phone, or a place to put commonly used files from your PC. Pretty much every type of old-school and new school chat rolled together handily!

Surprising number of golf courses already loaded!

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Uses GPS to determine your distance to the middle of the green on each hole. Easy to operate when drinking!

Goodbye Excess Data Charges

Google Goggles. Google Sky Map. If you have android, you probably already have this… if you like astronomy at all, this is a must. GPS Test. LED Light. I like this flashlight app the best, because it uses the dual camera flash. Lookout Mobile Security. Awesome virus scanner, backup utility and phone finder. The phone finder works too!