Human powered mobile phone charger

Now this charger can charge anything. I was able to bring my iPhone back to life from dead battery and make a call with it too. So it can become very handy, especially outdoors when no power source is available.

Human powered emergency cell phone charger

I have a 12 v DC generator and a 12 v solar panel I want to connect both of them to a 12v battery what should I do. Hi how many of each type of resistor do I need because I want to make one of my own and I was just wondering or do I not need any because I want to use it for my ipad. My circuit diagram is here: But anyway please tell me if I mucked up something like the data lines or something similar. Ps I love your videos!

Make more! Check TI, and use Webench for a reference design. Also Linear Tech and other carry good chips too. Should both be on the 5V side, on ground, or separate? Excuse me, but I was wondering.. Would it be possible to hook up one of those hand cranked usb power generators to power up this programmable buzzer?

And if so, what components would I need to modify it to do so? I would like to use this as a component in a design assignment I have and could use some expert help on this, any would be greatly appreciated. But if it can run on USB power, then this charger can do it.

You can, just that is much more inefficient.

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What happens in case of TPS is that if you turn the handle faster, you feel less resistance against turning. But with , it gets harder to turn if you go faster. The battery limits the voltage by drawing current.

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Hey Mehdi , could you do a detailed video on how to make a home made apple charger? I like to challenge my self and would really love to make one. I love your videos! You need a higher power regulator for that compared to what I used. It would require almost 4 times cranking power. Hi Mehdi, really enjoy your videos, I had a question, why is it that if we connect the generator directly to a multimeter and set it to measure current in A we experience a lot more difficulty and resistance from the motor, and when we set the multimeter to measure current in mA we still experience this resistance but less of it!

The reason the generator resist motion is because it is generating power through the meter, and a meter set in current basically shorts the outputs of the generator drawing lots of current. When you set the meter in high current meter setting, its resistance is very small, which means also much higher current goes through, and when you set it to mA setting its resistance is higher and allows less current through. So it also consumes less power and turning the generator is easier in that setting.

So disappointed in you now. Please be careful with future projects as you may end up hurting yourself or others. Just with the tesla coil the inductor for the dynamo will try to act as an ideal current source and have a voltage spike when the current path is broken.

Make a Human Powered Charger for Mobile Phones | ElectroBoom

A simple 5v zener and resistor would also have protected the phone from this happening. LOL Good Luck! It depends on the device, most phones now use the bias to get told how much current the charger is able to provide and limit the charging rate to that. USB standard is for the host to communicate with the device before the device starts drawing large amounts of current, or for the device to already be limited below the 5mA in the spec. Maybe it is a good provision from Apple to try and make sure a proper USB charger is connected!

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DIY Hand-powered Charger. Well here you go: Simplified Switching Buck Regulator Circuit. Hey Mehdi! Hi medhi…..

The Human Powered Mobile Charger Under 300 Rupees !

Can i use a lm instead of TPS regulator circuit? There are cranking devices like this out there though, so the money is already being made! Hallo, i would like to buy one. How much do you want for this? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This is a great example of engineering as a problem solving tool. When a problem arises, especially for students, figuring out how to solve that problem and then how to transfer that solution to more people is an incredibly valuable skill to have.

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