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Remove the part containing IC integrated circuit of the SIM card that was purchased and insert it into the device.

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Please make APN setting according to the enclosed instruction manual, and you can use after completing set up. Some devices may not be compatible with U-mobile. Please check the operation confirmed devices list. Check here, the operation confirmed devices list.

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Activation, which is usually needed, is unnecessary. After purchasing the package, insert the SIM into your device, set the APN and the service can start being used immediately. The limination will be lifted the following day. Q How much data capacity can be used? A MB a day can be used.

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If MB is used, the speed will drop to kbps for the rest of the day. Q Where can I buy it? A It is available at the locations specified in "Check 3 Sales Locations".

Q Tell me the procedure to start using the service. Q Can it be refilled? I wonder why mobile internet still works when the rest has failed. Mobile internet on the other hand has been doing good with very rare downtime for now. So, with this downtime going on — I managed to successfully reload a RM50 credit to my prepaid. Umobile additional MB promotion for auto renewal of mobile broadband.

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So I was a little bit pissed off as my expiry date is tomorrow! So being an active consumer, I went ahead and called Umobile customer service exactly These guys stopped me at the middle of my sentences, and blurts out assumption and excuses and wait.. I call it BULL.. He took some time to browse through the Umobile site for 2 minutes or so and then found out what I was talking about.

The call lasted for 9minutes and 9seconds. I immediately said that I want to lodge a report in regards to the rude customer service experience that I had on my previous call. Instead of acknowledging the request, this rep asked what is my problem?

Thinking that he wanted to know some background to the story, I re-told the story only to be cut off half way by this rep too. At some moment I had to stop him before he went to far assuming.

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When I asked for a ticket number, this particular rep said that their system is down. So I was again annoyed to the fact that there is no official tracking system that I can use to refer. I asked him what would happen if it expires on the 27th?

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For GOD sake, it is not a matter of trust. Getting furious, I demanded for an ap0logy from the rep in regards to my previous rude behavioral experience on my previous call. And that ticks me off for good. At this point I lost faith in all of Umobile customer service representatives. I tried my level best to be professional, toned down, and be direct to the point — but these guys kept stopping me halfway, assume way too much before they hear the whole story, and sad of all, giving excuses instead of solution. I am going to play the game then and see if my mobile internet really expires on the 27th or the 28th as this rep during the conversation, told me multiple times to just quote his name if I have issues with the expiry or renewal.

Every call should be logged and documented on a ticket. I want to hear from the rest of you guys your personal experience with Umobile representatives, whether it is good or bad. Prior to this I had an OK experience, but this one two sadly throw everything down the drain. Buying Guide , Communications , Rants , Tips and advices.


This entry was posted on October 27, at You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Setting it up was easy and only took me less than 5 minutes including the download of Moonlight […]. That is why, as a consumer — we have the power to choose.

With MNP, you can keep your phone number and just jump to other telcos without losing anything. They will do this for free. Actuall my plan is 5gb Rm68 and i only able to use nearly 2 gb and eventhough i have another 3gb to use But i cant use it because the internet connection err , cant connect internet. They shd give us some discaunt insted full charge. Well in that case you need to lodge a complaint by calling Umobile Customer Service Explain your issue and ask them for a ticket number.