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If you have isopropyl alcohol on hand. You can use it to help weaken the adhesive temporarily when lifting up the adhered home button. Tearing this cable means an expensive trip to the apple store. Heat is your friend. Even with the card, you have to be careful. I contacted a local Apple Authorized Service Center to check options.

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They said they would jeopardize their Apple Authorization if they even looked at it. Frustrated, but at least I have the accesibility home button working. True to this picture, the home button can only be removed and put back in place through the front of the LCD assembly. Very good comment Talon. That was the first thing I was looking for here.

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There should be a bullet point in step 24 - Carefully remove home button from front of display being careful not to damage cable. Had an issue when putting the screen back on, the side where the cables attach would not sit flush. At first I thought the cables were pushing the screen up. Turned out to be the battery cable shield was just a fraction too far down toward home button. After loosening screws, nudging it up slightly and screwing back in, the screen sat flush as it should.

In case anyone else has same issue. Retirez les trois vis cruciformes maintenant la fixation du haut-parleur interne au panneau avant:. Are you sure your caliper is accurate? Was your iPhone serviced in the past and reassembled incorrectly? The measurements here are the screw lengths , by the way—just in case you were measuring something else. Retirez les deux vis cruciformes suivantes, fixant le haut-parleur interne au panneau frontal:.

The proximity sensor is sticked to the display. I was following this instruction and the sensor was unvelded from the flex cable. At least, my iPhone 7G had the sensor sticked to the display. I won't claim to iFixit nor stop using this website. At least for expensive devices like Apple products. I editted this guide and added these two comments.

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I have fixed 2 screens now on iPhone 7. Anyone know why have this color it is not a sticker and what is the reason? Look at the camera assembly closely. There are two cables soldered together. Do not separate the pieces by mistake. Get the pick all the way below both ,and they will come off together. Its not mentioned here but there is a small philips screw at the top left that you may have to transfer to your new lcd panel.

About Steve comment, anyone know what is this small screw with two contact? It is an antenna?? I found if I held the flat end of a spudger behind the screw while I unscrewed, it worked well. Otherwise there was too much flex to get a good grip on the screw. I have had this problem so far on all the red tri point screws. I have noticed little to no advice on each one or for stripped screws. I have been able to manage so far but not sure about this one. Here, I was able to use a soldering iron on the back side of the screw to get it quite hot to release the INSANE amount of loctite that was applied to my 7.

Be patient and let the screw get hot.

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Good tip using the soldering iron. Why the the Loctite?

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Vous voulez contribuer? When I took off the home button, a small black square rubber piece fell out. The small black square that fell off is originally located on the bottom pentalobe screw bracket on the screen. It can slide back over it if you place it right. You have to put the flex through the hole from the front, and set the button against the front of the screen. Just like you got it out, in reverse.

The home button is a very delicate assembly. Once you have the home button's cable off the back of the display, and the screws off, push it lightly out from the back of the display. It should fall out. I have completed the screen repair, although now the iPhone takes minutes to boot up and then keeps freezing when trying to use it. Also now when I connect the camera flex at the top the iPhone just boot loops. I have also tried a new Camera flex with the same result. Can anyone help with either of these problems?

When reassembling the home sensor and the front camera without using any adhesive, how will that affect the end result?

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Or is it implicit that you should use adhevise of some sort when reassembling? How do i get adhesive to make the phone waterproof again and where can I get a good lcd to replace my damaged one. Hi, you can find a new LCD here , and new adhesive here. With a little time and patience, I switched out the lcd screen. My only issues are that even though i used the same home button, the finger print feature no longer works and the screen is way to sensitive that it has to be put on speaker phone for calls because my cheek touches the phone. Is your screen illuminated while you talk?

If so, the proximity sensor may not be seated properly, or broken. Trying to understand what you mean by the screen being too sensitive. If I am harvesting another iPhone 7 for parts, do I need to remove everything from the screen? I know I need to move the home button for touch ID, but can I just leave other things like the front facing camera alone, or are those tied to the logic board too?

All the other small parts on the screen can be freely replaced or moved to another iPhone 7 and will retain functionality. HELP strange situation. Bought an iPhone 7 stuck in a boot loop and cracked screen. Home button working fine. The home button still works fine from the old cracked screen I thought the home button was married to the logic board? Any advice?? I changed an iPhone 7 screen and I Get no display coming up. All connectors are plugged in properly. Installing the adhesive gasket was easy to figure out, however, the instructions on re-assembly should say something about it instead of ignoring it.

There are extensive instructions linked in Step Make sure you get a good Y screwdriver, because the crappy one that came with the replacement screen purchased from Amazon. So I work at a phone repair shop and went to replace the screen on my iPhone 7 today, and i accidentally grabbed an iPhone 8 screen. I have just recently changed my lcd screen on my phone and it would turn on but then when it gets to the home screen it would turn black while still on. Et alors? Ailleurs sur le web.

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