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We've released a complete rewrite of X-Ray.

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This brings support for checking the latest vulnerabilities. There's too much to cover here, so check out our blog post and see what's new. The first public of X-Ray is now available! X-Ray 1. X-Ray allows you to scan your Android device for security vulnerabilities that put your device at risk.

X-Ray was developed by the security experts at Duo Security. We hope that X-Ray will empower users with knowledge of vulnerabilities on their devices and allow them to take action to improve their security. We encourage users to contact their carriers and ask for their devices to be patched. X-Ray scans your Android device to determine whether there are vulnerabilities that remain unpatched by your carrier.

The X-Ray app presents you with a list of vulnerabilities that it is able to identify and allows you to check for the presence of each vulnerability on your device. Such vulnerabilities can be exploited by a malicious application to gain root privileges on a device and perform actions that would normally be restricted by the Android operating system. A number of such vulnerabilities have been discovered in the core Android platform, affecting nearly all Android devices.

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Even more have been discovered in manufacturer-specific extensions that may affect a smaller subset of Android users. Unfortunately, many of these privilege escalation vulnerabilities remain unpatched on large populations of Android devices despite being several years old. First, the software underlying a modern mobile device is controlled by many parties. Google may be in charge of the base Android Open Source Project, but a typical device includes many different packages, drivers, and customizations from carriers, manufacturers, and other third-parties, not to mention all the open source components Linux kernel, WebKit, libraries owned by various project maintainers.

When a vulnerability is discovered, coordinating with the responsible parties isn't a trivial task. You'd probably lose if you tried to play Six Degrees of Separation with the developer who introduced the vulnerability, and the party who's responsible for patching it. Second, carriers can be slow and conservative to supply patches to their users. There is certainly a risk in supplying an update to millions of users, but that doesn't make it acceptable to continue to leave these users exposed to public vulnerabilities for months or years.

The current incentives are flawed: If there are vulnerabilities present on your device that are not patched, a malicious application may exploit the vulnerabilities to gain full, unrestricted control over your Android device. If X-Ray determines that your device is vulnerable, there are a few potential actions you can take to increase the security of your device:.

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If you're able to update your device, you can run X-Ray again to verify that the vulnerabilities have been sufficiently patched. Even if you're unable to update your device, X-Ray allows you to better understand the risks associated with your mobile device. If you know that any malicious app you download can take full control of your device using publicly available exploits, you should exercise even more caution when downloading and installing third-party apps.

Running X-Ray device will have no adverse effects on the security, stability, or performance of your device. X-Ray is installed and run just like any mobile application and requires no special privileges to operate. X-Ray is able to safely probe for the presence of a vulnerability without ever exploiting it. Mobile antivirus software attempts to discover malicious applications installed on your device. Unsurprisingly, mobile antivirus is quite ineffective in protecting against new attacks since the number of malicious apps that will be created is unbounded.

Updating your antivirus signatures every day to address new threats is not a sustainable approach to security. Instead of trying to detect all the possible malicious apps in the universe, X-Ray takes a different approach and seeks out the known vulnerabilities in the underlying mobile platform itself. X-Ray doesn't care whether the apps on your device are good or bad, it only cares whether there are vulnerabilities present that bad apps often exploit to gain full control of your device.

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This information is useful to apply pressure on carriers to actually fix the underlying problem, so your participation may end up improving the security of all Android users. Specifically, X-Ray collects the version of your OS eg. The information collected will not be shared with any third-parties except in aggregate form eg. We definitely understand that users prefer to install apps from the Play Store, especially when they're security-related apps. Unfortunately, Google informed us that the terms of service of the Play Store disallow applications such as X-Ray that check for Android vulnerabilities.

Yes and no. All mobile platforms face vulnerabilities. Software has bugs, and many bugs can exploited by malicious parties in an attempt to take control of your device. However, the impact of such vulnerabilities may be greater on the Android platform due to the lack of expedient patching by the carriers. Mobile platforms such as iOS may fare better at distributing patches for vulnerabilities more quickly since the updates come directly from Apple as opposed to the decentralized Android carriers.

Yes, the underlying technology that powers X-Ray can be deployed on an enterprise-wide level, giving you global visibility into vulnerabilities affecting your employees' mobile devices. Please contact xray duo. X-Ray is automatically updated with the ability to scan for new vulnerabilities as they are discovered and disclosed.

The app currently checks for the following vulnerabilities on your Android device:. This vulnerability is what is known as a privilege escalation which gives a malicious application or individual the ability to obtain complete access to a vulnerable device. First identified in Android version 2.

In both iOS with over 2. Find all of these radiology apps in the App Store and Google Play. Many apps are designed to help teach radiology. One of the coolest of these, at least from a graphics standpoint, is k-space Odyssey , an app that helps users understand some of the concepts and variations in MRI. Interactive sliders let you apply high- and low-pass filters, a sparsity filter, and motion artifacts.

You can also vary Voxel size, and apply other effects not only on supplied images, but also on your own imported images.

X-Ray for Android

This app will serve as an introduction to radiology as well as a refresher for those studying for exams. It will challenge you to decide on the appropriate modality to choose—CT, MRI, radiography, or ultrasound—or no imaging at all. In addition, it offers insight into approaches, pre-clinical insight, and examples with imaging for study and analysis.

This app for both Android and Apple devices was made available to all residents and attendings and included assistance designed to help techs and clinicians with appropriate ordering of imaging studies, contrast administration, scheduling and schedule change notifications, and postings of different department lectures. Physicians who used the app reported an extremely positive experience. A useful safety app is Dr.

This app complements The Kanal Method safety training. Its checklist approach will be a refresher to those who have completed a course, and helpful to those who have not pursued formal MR safety certification. It is designed for those scanning patients with implants or devices. It was also listed as one of the Top Apps in NSF vs. CIN app is useful to assess risks and benefits in choosing the safest contrast agent for renal impaired patients.

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  • According to an article published by the Journal of Digital Imaging 2 in cooperation with Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine SIIM , there are a total of 20 radiology journals with a dedicated app for subscriber viewing. A useful app for radiologists and other readers of diagnostic imaging medical journals is Read by QxMD. This app lets you search, browse, and access full text through your subscription or university subscription and provides a way to share articles over email, Twitter, and Facebook. Another useful app to help radiologists and technologists keep up with the growing radiological literature is RadAssistant2.

    It offers search capabilities across dozens of medical publications indexed with photo clips for easy reference. The EVMS Rad App provides simple access to protocols, schedules, and contact information for residents and attendings to facilitate consultation.

    Two apps that are as useful to clinicians on a daily basis today as they were in are Epocrates for drug information and Medscape to stay current with medical news.