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They then hack into the gravity ring, stopping its movement and taking off the heavy gravity. Katharon forces then disembark to rescue the prisoners. They then deploy the automatons , four-legged robots that massacre the escapees. Saji is saved by Setsuna , who uses explosive gel against automatons chasing them.

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He proceeds to destroy all the automatons in the colony. Setsuna gets a lucky save by Tieria, who uses his new Servavee. The new CBS Ptolemaios 2 arrives to pick them up. In the Proud' s hanger, Saji confronts Setsuna and picks up a gun against him, believing that Celestial Being was responsible for his sister 's death and Louise's injury. He demands that Setsuna give everything back to him. On Earth, reports of Celestial Being's reappearance is all over the world; at a Katharon base, Shirin is concerned about receiving a military intervention, but Klaus is optimistic that they and Celestial Being share the same goals; Ribbons Almark meets with Wang Liu Mei.

Aboard the Ptolemy 2, Saji is imprisoned, as Tieria questions him as to why he didn't kill Setsuna; he responds that he would just end up like them; killers. Tieria berates him for not seeing what the world is truly like. Setsuna observes his new Gundam, 00 Gundam. A wakening of the Trailblazer. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Anno Domini Episodes Season 01 Episode Celestial Being Episode Gundam Meister Episode The Changing World Episode International Negotiation Episode Escape Limit Zone Episode Seven Swords Episode Unrewarded Souls Episode Indiscriminate Retaliation Episode The Honor of a Great Power Episode Operation Gundam Capture Episode Allelujah Episode To the Limits of Holy Teachings Episode Return of the Saint Episode Dawn of Determination Episode Broken Wings Episode Trinity Episode Assault of the Thrones Episode The Aim of Evil Intents Episode Bonds Episode Blade of Reformation Episode Path of Destruction Episode Trans-Am Episode Stop the World Episode Endless Poem Episode Setsuna Season 02 Episode The Angels' Second Advent Episode Tieria blames Setsuna for Lockon's death, but Sumeragi reminds him that their true enemies are still nearby and the crew hurries to repair the Gundams.

Meanwhile, having lost over half their GN-Xs and the Throne Zwei, Sergei suggests a withdrawal, but launches a second strike after the UN headquarters sends reinforcements. When Alejandro Corner joins the UN forces in a large, golden mobile armor and fires a massive particle cannon at the Ptolemaios, Setsuna and Lasse attack Alejandro, but could not penetrate his GN shield. While the Kyrios and Nadleeh protect the ship, Alejandro continues to deal heavy damage on the Ptolemaios and the Gundams. One by one, the members of Celestial Being fall in battle.

Sumeragi, Ian, and Feldt manage to escape in one of the Ptolemaios' containers as the carrier is destroyed. Allelujah, wishing to know the meaning of their fight, unites with Hallelujah to face Sergei and Soma's GN-Xs, but at the end of the battle is shocked to recognize Soma as someone named Marie. With his mobile armor destroyed, Alejandro emerges in a golden mobile suit, the Alvaaron, to continue the fight. Just before the Alvaaron explodes, Ribbons calls up Alejandro, admitting that he is the true mastermind of the whole plot to stop Celestial Being.

Setsuna and Graham finally reveal themselves to each other and trade their views on the Gundams, the world, and each other. At the end of their fight, Graham and Setsuna stab each other's suits which destroys the GN Flag and badly damages Exia. On Earth, Marina reads a letter from Setsuna questioning the current state of the world and how he hoped she would help him find the answers. Four years later, in , Saji is an engineer working in the colony construction business when he glances out into space - and sees the faint light of a Gundam Due to the conflict between the Katharon rebel group and the Federation's A-Laws task force, the A-Laws raid a colony under construction to arrest several Katharon members and a falsely accused Saji Crossroad , who is then forced to do high gravity labor on the Proud Colony.

When the A-Laws intercept Katharon's prisoner rescue and many inmates are killed, Saji is saved by Setsuna F Seiei , who has infiltrated the colony to investigate more about the A-Laws.

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Saji is brought aboard the Ptolemaios II, but is detained when he, now aware of Setsuna's identity as a Gundam Meister, threatens to kill Setsuna. The Seravee manages to hold them off long enough for Setsuna to start up the previously unstable 00 Gundam and he drives back the A-Laws task force, demonstrating the power of the new Twin Drive System. Celestial Being learns that Allelujah Haptism is alive inside a Human Reform League-run prison complex and plan to rescue him and Marina Ismail , but must fight against the A-Laws garrison that has been deployed to back up the HRL forces in the area.

With information from Lockon, Katharon guerrillas join the raid to rescue their captured comrades. Before escaping the complex in the Arios Gundam, Allelujah encounters Soma Peries and reveals her real name: Marie Parfacy. After thanking Celestial Being for saving her, Marina convinces the crew to bring her back to Azadistan; while passing through the Strait of Hormuz, the Ptolemaios II runs into the A-Laws navy, which deploys the new Trilobyte underwater mobile armor. Once the Meisters move the battle to the surface, Setsuna and Allelujah are intercepted by Mr. Bushido and Soma in their customized Aheads.

Katharon's arrival drives away the A-Laws forces and Marina is reunited with Shirin Bakhtiar , who is a member of Katharon. Celestial Being arrives at Katharon's Middle East base. Saji, unwilling to remain with either Celestial Being or Katharon, escapes but is captured by an Earth Sphere Federation ship. Sergei Smirnov interrogates him, but releases him when his presence is leaked to the A-Laws and can no longer guarantee Saji's safety. However, with the information Saji has disclosed, the A-Laws attack the base with Automaton robots, killing both guerrillas and civilians, which furthers Soma and Kati Mannequin 's doubt in the A-Laws' actions.

Setsuna escorts Marina back to Azadistan, arriving only to find the country burning and Ali Al-Saachez in the midst of it all. The survivors of the Katharon base attack are not happy with the Meisters' arrival. Sumeragi faints after recalling a failed mission where her lover, Emilio, died, leaving the crew of the Ptolemaios II on their own when the A-Laws attack once more - with Allelujah and Setsuna facing off against Soma and Mr.

Bushido again. A guilt-ridden Saji, found and brought back to the Ptolemaios II by Tieria after accosting him on his actions before being released by Sergei, decides to help defend the ship as a gunner. To break his stalemate against Mr. Bushido, Setsuna takes an extreme risk by activating the 00 Gundam's Trans-Am system. Stranded and forced to face each other outside their mobile suits, Soma suffers mental attacks from Allelujah's presence and reverts to her Marie personality. Upon finding them, Sergei eventually decides to let them go and the two are rescued by Lockon.

Meanwhile, Marina and the Katharon learn the Federation's plans to reorganize the Middle East and has dissolved all nations, including Azadistan. Tieria encounters Regene Regetta, who reveals their relation and offers to reveal the nature of the Innovators to him. During his meeting with Regetta, Tieria learns of the Innovators' ties to Veda and Aeolia Schenberg's complete plan while the A-Laws obtain two new pilots: Patrick Colasour and Innovator Revive Revival. Wishing to know more about the Innovators, Tieria goes undercover to infiltrate a gathering of A-Laws and Federation officials at the recommendation of Wang Liu Mei to discover the true leader behind A-Laws, Ribbons Almark.

Disguised as a woman, Tieria meets Ribbons who reveals to him that according to Aeolia's plan, Tieria should have died with the rest of Celestial Being four years ago. Refusing to join the Innovators, Tieria is forced to flee when his attempt to kill Ribbons is halted by another Innovator, Hiling Care.

However, out of earshot, Regene reveals that Aeolia was obsessively attached to the first phase of his plan and that the end result of the entire plan hinges on the outcome of the conflict between Celestial Being and Ribbons. In the meantime, Setsuna, who was sent as Tieria's backup, is exposed to Louise as a member of Celestial Being by Billy Katagiri and joins Tieria in escaping via their Gundams but face Ali al-Saachez on the way out.

Learning that Ali is the man who killed his brother, Lyle learns the circumstances behind his brother's motivations and Setsuna's involvement with the KPSA, admitting that he doesn't share Neil's need for retribution. The A-Laws attempt to intercept the Ptolemaios II's return to space; the Ptolemaios' successful escape forces Commander Homer Katagiri to accept Innovator assistance to prevent any more sacrifices.

The Angels' Second Advent

Kati sends a message to Celestial Being expressing respect for Leesa Kujo 's tactics; Sumeragi realizes not only is Kati a member of the A-Laws, but she is aware that Sumeragi is Celestial Being's tactical forecaster. Surviving Katharon members plan for negotiations with the Suille Kingdom, the only country in the Middle East with considerable military power and political will to oppose the A-Laws.

A subsequent test run of combining 00 Gundam's Twin Drive System with the 0-Raiser's Trans-Am System reveals the mobile's suit's true potential, surpassing even Celestial Being's design expectations. Elsewhere, the A-Laws activate the new Memento Mori orbital bombardment laser, destroying the Suille Kingdom's capital and killing the Katharon agents who were negotiating with the Suillean government; Sergei witnesses the atrocity.

Marie senses Sergei's immediate danger and Allelujah's alternate Hallelujah personality briefly resurfaces. After the Memento Mori's firing, Katharon begins planning an attack in space to destroy the superweapon. Nena Trinity expresses discontent with Wang Liu Mei for helping the people who killed her brothers. Tieria, after witnessing the devastation, decides to tell his comrades about the Innovators.

During the ensuing battle, Ian Vashti is injured, leaving Saji to deliver the 0-Raiser to the 00 Gundam. The combined unit, the Raiser, is able to easily outperform the A-Laws attackers, but when Setsuna activates the Raiser's Trans-Am system, he and everyone in the area are affected by the particles and are able to hear the voices of everyone in range of the particle output - including Saji and Louise, who are shocked to learn that the other is in the action and on opposing sides.

The Raiser's Trans-Am abilities enable it to outclass and outmaneuver the Innovators' mobile suits, forcing them to flee in escape pods as their units are destroyed. Saji, Louise, and Setsuna cope with Saji and Louise's positions on opposing sides; Louise concludes Saji has always been a member of Celestial Being and strives to forget him, while Saji struggles with the decision to fight and save Louise or leave Celestial Being to be with her.

After the Memento Mori's second barrage destroys a military base and a nearby refugee camp, Sergei is ordered to force witnesses from the Federation Army to conceal this information. Memento Mori fires again and annihilates half of an incoming Katharon attack force, surprising Celestial Being and Katharon that the weapon can fire into space; without the element of surprise, the operation is at risk. Katharon's offensive against the Memento Mori goes poorly, with A-Laws' superior units both nullifying the resistance's missile attacks and decimating their obsolete mobile suits.

The Raiser's timely arrival saves the fleet from being completely wiped out as Setsuna single-handedly takes on the A-Laws forces and a new Gadessa mobile suit piloted by Hiling. The Ptolemaios II approaches the Memento Mori head-on in its blind spot, but is soon forced into the laser's firing path; however, the ship miraculously survives the attack by using Arios' Trans-Am to dodge, and ensures its safety with Cherudim's new Shield Bit system.

Thanks to Nena Trinity 's leaked information, Tieria's Buster Cannon and a precise hit from Lockon exploits a weakness in the Memento Mori and destroys the superweapon, taking Arba Lindt's life in the process. Separated from his comrades, Setsuna is lured by Ali into meeting Ribbons, who reveals that he was responsible for saving Setsuna's life as the 0 Gundam's pilot and influencing Veda to ensure Setsuna would become a Gundam Meister. However, Ribbons now intends to claim the 00 Gundam as his own and has arranged for Ali to kill Setsuna.

In the heated battle that follows, Setsuna destroys the Arche Gundam with the Raiser's Trans-Am system, but is unable to kill Al-Saachez himself when he suddenly hears Marina singing with the Katharon orphans due to the effects of the Trans-Am. Meanwhile, Sergei learns that the tension between the A-Laws and the Federation Army are festering into an emerging coup d'etat led by his old friend Pang Hercury. With assistance and supplies from Katharon, the Ptolemaios II is able to continue repairs in the mountains of Europe. However, they are unable to proceed with their plan to break through the siege laid by the Federation without Setsuna and the Raiser.

Meanwhile, Setsuna, who is injured after his fight with Ali, is forced to get medical help at Katharon's Suille base, where he has a brief dream of Neil Dylandy before he finds himself being cared for by Marina. The Ptolemaios II is soon forced to defend itself against an overwhelming number of A-Laws mobile suits, but receives an unexpected respite when the fleet suddenly falls back to deal with Hercury's coup at the AEU's Africa Tower orbital elevator. Secretly sent by the government to deliver their demands, Sergei learns of Hercury's goal to open the people's eyes to the A-Laws' immoral actions when they attempt to retake the orbital elevator by using their Automatons to kill both rogue troops and the civilian hostages being evacuated down the elevator.

However, the government manipulates broadcasts of the automaton assault to make the rebels appear as the ones killing the civilians. Meanwhile, Setsuna is locked in battle with Mr. Bushido falls back as Setsuna vows to change for Neil's sake. After analyzing the unusual redeployment of Federation troops around the elevator, Sumeragi and Kati are horrified to realize that the troops are anticipating the elevator's collapse and that the A-Laws plan on completely destroying it.

In space, a second Memento Mori prepares to fire at the orbital elevator. Despite the best efforts of the Raiser to destroy the second Memento Mori, killing Devine Nova in the process, the beam fired from the badly damaged satellite weapon is still sufficient to severely damage the elevator to the point that it sheds its outer shell towards the surface below. In the aftermath, also helping in the matter with Louise in spite of orders, Sergei Smirnov's son Andrei kills Hercury and associates his father with the coup.

Wishing to avenge his mother's death, Andrei destroys Sergei's unit as Marie arrives too late to intervene. Four months after the destruction of the Africa Tower, the world is a different place: Despite their success in destroying the second Memento Mori, Celestial Being endures wave after wave of A-Laws attacks, thanks to an oblivious Anew's networking with the Innovators. Tieria suggests to the Ptolemaios II crew that the time is right for them to take back Veda.

For that purpose, Sumeragi designs a plan to capture an Innovator and the plan begins as the A-Laws attack yet again. Meanwhile, after Ribbons discards Wang Liu Mei, Regene gives her the coordinates to Veda's core with instructions to deliver them to Celestial Being in person. Saji and Louise meet in battle, the two being transported to an alternate reality and Louise is left shaken in her resolve to fight against him.

While Sumeragi and the Meisters interrogate Revive, his presence on the ship causes Anew to reveal her allegiance to the Innovators and announces a hijack of the Ptolemaios II as she fires her gun at Lasse Aeon. However, Anew is unable to steal 00 when Setsuna and Lockon rescue Mileina, while Revive is forced to give up the 0-Raiser when he is outwitted. They manage to escape, and while Lyle resolves to defeat Anew, Setsuna assures him that he will kill her if the situation calls for it. When Revive, Anew, and Hiling return with new machines, along with Louise in her new Regnant mobile armor, Celestial Being must defend itself without the Raiser.

Lyle struggles in the Cherudim against Anew and finally convinces her to return with him, but he is caught off guard when Ribbons takes control of Anew. As she prepares to strike him down, Setsuna appears and shoots her as he promised. In an alternate reality, Lockon and Anew share one final moment together before Anew's suit explodes and kills her. Nena intercepts the pair and shoots Hong, who sacrifices himself to allow Wang to escape. Wang gives Setsuna the coordinates to Veda. He returns to the Raiser, where Mr.

The Angels' Second Advent

Bushido challenges him to a duel, revealing himself as Graham Aker. Nena catches up to Wang and kills her. But knowing she would eventually turn on them, Ribbons takes control of Nena's Haro and tells her that someone's coming to deliver judgment on her. Although Nena thinks the person is Ali al-Saachez, it is actually Louise who delivers the killing blow on her, finally avenging the deaths of her parents and relatives at the cost of her sanity.

During the duel, Graham and Setsuna appear to each other in a GN particle-induced alternate reality, where Setsuna, exhibiting signs of becoming a purebred Innovator, makes a revelation: Aeolia Schenberg created the GN Drives and Celestial Being for the sole purpose of preparing all of humanity for innovation. The duel between Setsuna and Graham ends with Setsuna emerging victorious. However, he chooses not to finish off Graham and leaves as he tells him to live for the future.

Setsuna and the others review Wang Liu Mei's information and determine that a fierce battle against A-Laws awaits them on the journey to Veda's core at L2. While the Gundams' superior weaponry is able to counter the A-Laws' vast fleet, the A-Laws' particle disruptors remove their advantage. Meanwhile, Ribbons attempts to intervene in Regene's plans by reading his thoughts, but ends up taking a bullet to the head when she shoots him. Despite his apparent death, Ribbons emerges and reveals that he used Veda to transfer his consciousness into another body.

After dealing with Regene's treachery by having Ali al-Saachez shoot him, Ribbons reveals his massive colony ship to Celestial Being and fires a GN-Drive-powered particle cannon, destroying most of the A-Laws fleet. Celestial Being assaults the Innovators' colony ship and are countered by a swarm of Gaga units, which assume Trans-Am mode and launch waves of kamikaze attacks.

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In the ensuing battle, Patrick Colasour sacrifices himself to defend Kati's ship and the Seravee is completely wrecked by Hiling and Revive in their new Trans-Am-equipped suits. The Ptolemaios II manages to enter the colony under cover from the Arios and GN Archer, but the ship is quickly infiltrated by hordes of automatons.

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Sumeragi heads out to face the automatons swarming the Ptolemaios II , but is shocked to find they are accompanied by Billy Katagiri, the supplier of the Innovators' Trans-Am systems, who then pulls a gun on Sumeragi. Inside Veda's core, Ribbons is stunned that Tieria managed to survive Seravee's destruction and is now facing him at gunpoint. The battle between the Raiser and the Regnant comes to its conclusion when a Gaga attacks them both. Meanwhile, inside Veda's core, Tieria corners Ribbons and reveals that he knows the truth behind their existence before Ribbons kills him.

Elsewhere, Louise finds herself in the company of Saji and attacks him, only to suffer a nervous breakdown upon finding out that he kept his ring. As the battle escalates with Hiling and Revive, Setsuna resorts to the Raiser's Trans-Am system, which triggers his abilities as a pure Innovator and he intercepts the thoughts of his friends, comrades, and enemies. Frustrated with the grim nature of the situation, Setsuna unconsciously activates the Raiser's Trans-Am Burst system and blankets the battlefield in pure GN particles, driving Hiling and Revive off while causing a momentary ceasefire among everyone.

Seizing the moment, Setsuna infiltrates the colony and closes in on Veda's position. Meanwhile, Tieria links his mind with Veda, severing Ribbons' own connections and activating the Seraphim Gundam's Trial System to shut down all the Innovators' units.