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Screen Grabber Free With this screen capture app, anyone can easily send directions to their friends, share an important note, or show everyone about a high score in a certain game. Related posts: Last updated on January 3, Leave a Comment 3 Please input your name! Please input a valid email address!

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Please input review content! Submit Cancel Reply. Comment 3. Torchwave ScreenMuncher does not capture web pages on my bold 4.

BB Software- (Link for download in description)

I have found that Screen Grabber is the only app among others that does that comfortably. Teeh-Junior Content I want a Backberry screenshot by hands. Although I could be a bit biased, as I already have set my eyes on one of them.

Screen Muncher for BlackBerry - Download

I have used this application in my previous posts, before I decided to switch to AFBB due to being constantly annoyed by the watermark. This makes accessing and sharing the file using Dropbox or WordPress easier. It will also take around 5 seconds before a screenshot is taken.

Screenshots taken by vScreenshot have no watermarks and the application file size is relatively small 52kb. The user would need to check it in the pictures folder.

Another downside is that the screenshots are saved in a subfolder that is hard for applications like Dropbox and WordPress to locate. It looks like the feature does not work at the moment. I was so convinced that I would be choosing vScreenshot at the end of this post. If you prefer blogging straight from your phone and you require screenshots, S4BB Screen Shot will make your life easier.

If you have any questions or more suggestions, please leave a comment below. Is your phone's battery not lasting as long as you'd like, or would you like to extensively monitor your battery level?

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Battery Booster Pro lets you adjust your phone's battery usage to last longer between charges and provides extensive tools for monitoring your battery's capacity and temperature. Other features include the ability to automatically start or shut down your phone according to a defined schedule and the ability to implement battery alerts.

Captures objects and auto saves the image in a desirable format and place

Pandora lets you listen to free customized radio stations using your phone's Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection. You can create stations by artist name, song title or composer, and your stations will be saved for access on your computer or other devices.

Screen Grabber

The app also has a secure messaging tool and quick reply feature to make sending messages faster and more secure. There are many other apps available. Due to the popularity of the BlackBerry Curve, the development of free applications and games has been continuous. Check out BlackBerry App World. This site is the official source for both free and paid apps and displays lists that show you the most popular or highly rated apps at the time. You can search apps by keyword or browse by category.

While some smartphone users claim that BlackBerry Curve users don't have access to a sufficient number of apps, that is changing. If there's anything you want to accomplish on your phone, there's a good chance there's an app available that can fit your needs.